What Is Generally Accepted As Husband Material?

Husband Material

What is usually considered husband material?

Many women in relationships want to know why their relationships always fail. Why do guys treat them so poorly? Why are they always getting hurt? Why can’t they get a guy to commit? The common thread in the majority of these cases is that these women are choosing men who are clearly not husband–or even relationship– material in the hopes that he will suddenly transform and become the knight in shining armor she desires.

Except in cheesy romantic comedies, this type of situation does not exist. If you choose to pursue a relationship with a guy who clearly isn’t relationship material, you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

Trust me, I know how appealing those damage cases can be. Sure, the guy has emotional issues, he’s jaded, he’s struggling at work, he has no direction, he still acts like a frat boy even though his days of acting like a drunk idiot and getting away with it expired years ago, but underneath all of that is a really great guy, and once we deal with all of that, we’ll have an amazing relationship.

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