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    5 Things You Should Never Allow Your Wife To Do


    As a husband, it is your responsibility to take good care of your family particularly your wife. You must not heap all the house chores and other duties on her. Remember, she was given to you as a helpmate, not as a slave. However, there are certain things you should not allow her to do.

    As a responsible husband, you must not allow your wife to do any of these five things.

    1. You must not allow your wife to dress irresponsibly.

    It is your obligation to pay close attention to what your woman wears. Don’t allow her to dress inappropriately is never a good idea, especially if you’re going out. Don’t just turn a blind eye to this; make sure you correct your wife with love and not in public space.

    2. You should never let your wife do all of the housework by herself.

    Like I said before, don’t allow your spouse to do all the duties while you sit down and looking at her helplessly. As a responsible man, you can help her out in the kitchen or taking care of the kids while she is busy. Don’t stress her out because it will bring a big problem in a long run

    3. Never ask your spouse to cook dinner without providing her with money.

    Be responsible in the area of providing for your family. For a mere fact that your woman can support doesn’t arrogate power to take over your primary function as a husband. Before heading out in the morning, a responsible man will leave money for meals; he will not just tell her to prepare meals without providing her with money.

    4. You should never leave your wife at home alone.

    In certain parts of a country, some husbands gaged their women at home to prevent from going out. This barbaric act of prevention of their women is harsh and denying them of their independence is a dreadful situation. You must never, under any circumstances, keep your wife idle as a responsible man.

    5. Never allow your Wife to borrow money from your friends or relatives.

    Regardless of how difficult things might be, you should never allow your woman to borrow money from your friends or relatives. It is your duty to fend for the family which I strongly believe you should be the one that sorts out financial challenges, not her. A responsible guy would never allow his wife to borrow money from acquaintances or family members.

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