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    8 Major Things You Should Know Before Getting MarriedGetting Married

    It baffles me a lot when I see intending couple spending so much money and energy on a wedding and leave the main issue which is the marriage, which in the long run the marriage suffers a setback. These days, I hear a lot of church bells ringing, a lot of aso ebi is trending and event centres are winning. Marriage is simply the union of a man and woman to become one as husband and wife.

    It breaks my heart when I see couples opting for divorce, and to see such hatred in the eyes that were once full of love. In today’s article,  I will share with you ten major things you should know before getting married.

    1.  No marriage is perfect

    Before getting married, keep this in mind, when you see older couples celebrating their 50th year anniversary, do not for once think their marriage is perfect.

    All marriages have hiccups, it now depends on the maturity of both the husband and the wife, to set aside their ego and turn to a sense of reasoning.

    2. Tolerance

    Let’s be frank, people don’t change but you can change your attitude towards them in a positive light. A couple must learn to tolerate each other’s shortcomings and excesses because the more tolerant you are, the more forgiving you will be, it is common knowledge that forgiveness is a key factor to a successful married life.

    3. Don’t Compare your spouse with someone else

    Once you start comparing your husband or wife with someone else, you have started building a wall of contempt and disrespect in your union, let me explain. Once you compare, you find faults, once you find faults, you start an argument, once you start arguing, you get angry, once you get angry anything the other party does begin to irritate you, from there on you know the rest, it never ends well.

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    4. Love eventually fades

    Lots of folks might disagree with me on this one, but it is only logical, after a while love fades in a marriage, then that love transforms into responsibility, the responsibility to cater for your family etc. The love actually goes to your kids yes! and that is why most marriages today remain in union today just because the husband and wife are sticking around to make it work for the sake of their children.

    5. Your family has no business in your marriage

    Marital problems should be dealt with by both the husband and the wife, you two should sit and discuss things, plan your future together and resolve conflicts, If on the slightest provocation from your husband or wife, you rush and call your mother or father or in-laws to report, you are not doing any good to both your image, yourselves and your marriage.

    6. Be submissive

    A stubborn wife will only be sent back to her father house for rehabilitation and if not, an indefinite suspension. A husband is the head of the family, learn to be submissive to him, I said submissive, not stupid.

    7. Learn to say Sorry

    The power of this word is that it is capable of quenching fires very quickly, saying sorry means that you accept that you are wrong, in a marriage, you must not always be right.

    8. Protect the image of each other

    If your wife is a bad cook and there is a family meeting to be hosted in your house, hire a cook and have her cook the meals, if your husband lacks fashion sense, make sure he is dressed well before any occasion.

    9. Support each other dreams and goals in life

    This is necessary and important you are each other’s better halves, always motivate and help your spouse.

    10. Commit your ways unto God

    Before getting married, you need to commit your relationship to God.This statement encompasses just about everything you do in life, always pray about your marriage, commit it to God the creator of all things, he will definitely not fail you.

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