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    How Do You Know He Is Not The Person To Marry?

    He Is Not The Person To Marry

    Are you having second thoughts about your relationship? Do you find yourself thinking such thoughts as “I thought he was the one, but…”? You are not alone. He is not the person to marry.

    Not all relationships are meant to be. The sooner you accept the reality, the lesser challenges you will face in the times to come.

    Keep reading for seven signs that he’s not the one, and it’s time to move on.

    1- He keeps too much to himself.

    Communication is key to making a healthy relationship work, so you’ll know a guy isn’t serious about you if he refuses to let you in.

    2- He has an addiction.

    If he has an addiction of any kind, do not marry him. This can be drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling…anything. Having an addiction will devastate a family. You will go into debt.

    3- He doesn’t always tell the truth.

    It’s important, to be honest in a relationship. This is how you build trust. This is the foundation of a relationship. Even if the lie seems small, it will make you question the relationship.

    4- He gets angry when you try to talk about it.

    When the topic of marriage or commitment comes up, he gets angry, defensive, and uncomfortable.

    5- He rarely says, “I love you.”

    it’s important that he says it. If he can’t or won’t say it, this means he doesn’t take you seriously. You need to hear those three words. If you aren’t hearing them, then it’s time to move on.

    6- He Acts like your relationship isn’t serious to friends in public.

    If he’s talking down your relationship around other people, it means he has no confidence in what you have together – and that he’s not proud of it in the slightest.

    7- He doesn’t respect you.

    You’ll know right away that he’s not for you if he has a disrespectful attitude toward you, your friends, or your family.

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