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    10 Simple Things Every Woman Should Do To Help Her Husband In Leadership Position


    Undoubtedly, every woman wants a man who takes up a leadership position in marriage. She wants a man with confidence in himself, in her and in their relationship. More importantly, she wants him to lead her and her children with kindness and understanding.

    However, a lot of women don’t know how to help their husband to become effective and godly leader. The following ten things will help you tremendously to do that:

    1.   Respect him: As a wife, show honour and reverence to him in your home and to your friends and family. Acknowledge him in that leadership position.

    2.   Acknowledge his calling as the high priest of your home: Don’t try to override his authority with your children in the spirit of Absalom.

    3.   Respond to his leadership: Don’t tell him you will follow him and then do your own thing. You may deceive your husband for a season, but you won’t fool the Lord for a second.

    4.   Praise him: Women do not realize that a man needs praise just as often as a woman needs it. Praise your husband for providing for your home and family and for leading you in the ways of the Lord

    5.   Be unified with him in purpose and in will: When you come together as one in your goals and your supplications, God acknowledges your unity, and He grants your petitions. “Can two walk together, except they are agreed?”

    6.   Be his helpmate: Don’t compete with your husband. Learn to compliment him. God gave him to you as a helpmate (suitable, adapted, and complementary) for you. Don’t overthrow him in the position of authority.

    7.   Listen to him: Don’t be the mouth of the body when God is calling you to be the ear and heart of the body.

    8.   Pray with him and for him: It is so important that God hear your petitions for your husband. Cover him in prayer daily. Praying that discernment and wisdom will guide him.

    9.   Bless him: Instead of cursing your husband, bless him every day before he leaves home. There is a battlefield outside of the doors of our home, and he needs all the help he can get. The power of the blessing provides a blanket of protection and favour.

    10. Be thankful for him: So many women do not realize the gift their husband truly is until they lose him. Thank the Lord every day for your husband, and call out in him the traits that God wants in him to be the man He has destined him to be.

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