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    WISDOM FOR MINISTERS OF GOD, By Dr Kenneth Copeland


    1. Anybody can fall. I repeat anybody can fall in ministry. Don’t forget!


    1. Anointing doesn’t protect against temptations, seductions and attacks. Don’t forget!


    1. Regular personal retreat will keep you strong. Don’t forget!


    1. Your strength is God’s Word. Study and meditate on it daily. Don’t forget!


    1. Let go of offences. Die to offences. Offence can come from anyone even your wife.


    1. Prioritize your secret place. As a minister unnecessary visitation, gisting and wanderings are distractions.


    1. Don’t forget old habits. The habits you struggled with in the old don’t forget them.


    1. Keep nailing your weaknesses to the cross. It is important!


    1. Family before ministry. If your wife is not happy, cancel all ministrations and settle.


    1. Don’t pamper your children. Enforce greater discipline on them.


    1. Don’t stop being a blessing to those who can’t give or sow. You’re called to bless and also always appreciate those who minister to you. You’re a father to all.


    1. Stay on the Word. Always trap the scriptures into your heart.


    1. You can make mistakes. Don’t kill yourself in case of any but outgrow them.


    1. Have voices that can call you to order. That’s why elders, deacons and deaconesses are important.


    1. Pray!!! Chew tongues!!! Chew prayer!!!!


    Please share if it blesses you.

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