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    6 Amazing Ways To Win A Woman’s Heart For The First Time

    Woman's Heart

    There are some amazing ways to win a woman’s heart. Women need someone who will love and treat them like the special creature they are, and as a guy winning a lady to your side for the first time is not as difficult as you think.

    As a matter of fact, you can even win a woman’s hearts even approaching her by the roadside but before you approach her, not knowing these tricks would make you look useless and frustrated. You may actually dress well, I mean looking good yet you get turn down most times and this is because you lack the right approach.

    Here are secrets to winning a woman’s heart for the first time;

    1. Smile as you walk up to her: This is an important aspect and necessary thing you must do, if you want her to listen to you, because ladies don’t feel safe when they see a guy with a moody face.

    So at that very point, you smile she will feel safe and secure probably consider you like somebody that is cool.

    2. Learn to always use the word “Please”: While approaching a woman that you are about to express your feelings to, don’t forget the word ” Please” because that word alone would make her believe you have respect for women. It also shows you hold her in high esteem.

    3. Don’t murmur when talking to her: Most ladies would instantly detest you. To them, you’re not man enough while speaking with them and that can even disconnect your conversation with her.

    4. Your dress code or appearance speaks a  lot: Oh wow ladies will never tell you this but to win them to yourself, you must be looking good, they love someone who they can actually show to their friends and say this, my man. As you don’t expect someone who hasn’t met you to listen to you for the first time looking tattered.

    5. Don’t try making the move to hold her hand: Most times guys feel they are very bold and matured but that shouldn’t be in holding a lady’s hand for the first time because it shows you really a threat to her.

    6. Don’t Place too much attention on her body: Simply because you had won her attention doesn’t mean you should be carried away by concentrating so much on her body. It makes her feel she is not secure.

    Finally, as you keep your smiling face and totally vigorous eyes in contact with her, I belt you even before you finish talking she is already falling for you.

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