Why Should Women Work in Male-Dominated Industries?

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    Why Should Women Work in Male-Dominated Industries?

    Why Should Women Work in Male-Dominated Industries?
    One African-American female carpenter working with wood in her workshop.

    I’ve noticed throughout my life that many women are occupying male-dominated jobs, which I think is admirable. As a woman doing so, you’ll discover that others encourage you to keep going and never give up, with some kind-hearted people even monetarily blessing you as a kind of support.

    “She’s obviously dating some wealthy man or yahoo boy, that’s why she could buy a car,” others would say when you got that huge money. Not realizing that it was your perseverance and hard work that paid off, or that someone admired your work and offered you a multimillion-dollar contract.



    1. As a woman, you are entitled to a free pass.

    2. You gain more clients.

    3. Customers may even encourage you to keep the change by encouraging you to keep it.

    As a woman, you have a variety of options for businesses and occupations.

    1. Keke (tricycle) riding

    2. hair cut styling service

    3. Jobs involving painting

    4. POP jobs

    5. Tiling

    7. Installation of electrical wiring

    8. Carpentry

    9. Roofing is number ten.

    Make the daring decision as a woman today to pursue careers that society considers to be exclusively for women.

    Thank you so much.

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