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    Why Cristiano Ronaldo Looks So Young at the age of 35

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    The soccer superstar is someone who’s a sporting hero to millions around the globe. He’s regarded by many as the best player of all time. Sure, he’s talented and possesses natural ability with the ball at his feet. But his extraordinary level of fitness and dedication to his craft has enabled him to keep himself at the top of the world game; he keeps scaling new heights, even at the age of 35.

    Here’s how the master soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo stays in shape and keeps going strong.

    He trains long and hard

    It’s little wonder why Ronaldo has broken records for fun throughout the course of his career. He’s got skill, he got ability, but he practices his craft during long and intense training sessions. The best player stays and train long after practice sessions have ended. He Is no exception.

    He bonds with his family

    Sure,  Cristiano Ronaldo has the body and he looks super-fit. But the Portuguese is young at heart too. What keeps him young, healthy and smiling? Sure, there’s soccer. But first and foremost, it’s his family. Despite the hectic days that come with being one of the best and most recognizable sportspeople on the planet, he still finds time to chill with his kids and partake in family time.

    He has a private chef

    Ronaldo is one of, if not the best, soccer player in the world, he splurges his cash on big houses and fancy cars. But he also recognizes the importance of nutrition and has his own private chef at his beck and call who prepares the right meal at the right time, which nourishes his body.

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    Cardio Is The Key

    As a soccer player, cardio is the key. There’s a reason why Cristiano Ronaldo, in his mid – 30s, is still able to play the full 90 minutes on the pitch week in and week out without gassing out. When he is not on the pitch In the midst of a training session, he’s doing the miles, doing the hard yards on some type of cardio machine.

    Hitting the Weight

    Ronaldo is not too preoccupied with becoming too bulky. He’d be able to lift more if he wanted to. But Ronaldo trains for functionality too. If he was to lift heavier and put on more muscle mass, it’d slow him down on the pitch. So, he hits the weight to tone his muscles and keep strong and nimble.

    Variation Is Key

    He doesn’t just hit the same exercise day in day out. That’d get rather boring, his workouts would get stale. He has his key exercises, but he incorporates different movements into his training regime too, mixes things up; hitting his body and stimulating his muscles from different angles. Variation in his workout has proven to be effective.

    Chiselling That Core

    The player is famous for his power as a soccer player, his level of fitness but more specifically for his incredible ripped core. Ronaldo’s always been ripped to shreds, and as he’s getting older his six-packs have just continued to get more ripped and defined. A strong core positively impacts pretty much everything and Ronaldo recognized that it’s the key to being a soccer player. And of course, it looks good on cameras!

    He observers Siesta

    Rest and recuperation are key, but more specifically, it’s the sleep that does the trick. There are so many health benefits to a night of good sleep. Ronaldo recognizes this and makes sure he gets in his eight hours of sleep at night. Not only that but he also takes a siesta.

    He follows a Pilate’s routine

    The older Ronaldo gets the more focus he pits on his flexibility. Those who have seen some of his extraordinary feats on the soccer field will know he is extremely flexible and mobile. He worked on this aspect of his fitness over the years. One way he does so is by following a Pilate routine.

    He trains his Legs

    As a soccer player, having a strong core and powerful legs are of the utmost importance. Ronaldo has a great physique and there must be an element of his training that’s for the cameras.


    Hydrotherapy is essentially a water cure, used in rehabilitation and recovery work. It involves the use of water to help with pain and aid recovery. Ronaldo engages in plenty of hydrotherapy in other to recuperate from workouts and training sessions. Hydrotherapy consists of specialist exercises, usually alternate between warm and cold water.

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