2023: Why APC Stalwarts Have Eyes On Goodluck Jonathan?

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    2023: Why APC Stalwarts Have Eyes On Goodluck Jonathan?

    APC Stalwarts

    Many Nigerians will remember Jonathan being humiliated and maligned by some APC stalwarts before and after the 2015 general election simply because they wanted to depose him. He could have fought back with the power of incumbency, but he chose to bow out honourably, much to his opponents’ chagrin.

    As election preparations for 2023 gain traction, the South is pushing for a power shift to the region when President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure ends in 2023, citing a gentleman’s agreement reached by APC stalwarts prior to the 2015 election that the party would cede its apex ticket to the South after Buhari.

    According to a credible source, Jonathan was approached to jump ship to the APC so he could pick the party’s presidential ticket to win the 2023 election and hand over power to the North in 2027.

    It is the northern calculation to maintain power for an extended period of time. However, the call for the presidential seat to be rotated to the South in 2023 is growing louder. As a result, they intend to use Jonathan as a very soft bride in order to quickly cross a very long ocean.

    It should be noted that Jonathan has already served four years as president, making him the only candidate from the South who is not constitutionally permitted to serve eight years. So what they want to do now is use him to achieve that goal, so that after four years in power, power will shift to the North in 2027.

    What are your thoughts on the APC Bigwig’s move towards Jonathan? Let’s talk about this.

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      The South-South people are wondering if Jonathan will be able to over the dangling carrots APC Stalwarts  especially from the North are showing to him

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      If Jonathan knows what is good for him and his reputation, she should succumb to such nonsense. After all, upon what he did in the  North during his reign, they hated him with a passion. They call him unprintable names.

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      We from the Niger Delta will disgrace him if dares accept such an offer. Do the Northerns think they are the only people that know how to play dirty polity?

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      If I were Jonathan, I will asked the APC to first of all write an unreserved apology for maligning him in 2015 that should be published in the national daily. I will play along with them as if I will accept their offer, at the nick of time, I will hit them where it hurts by betraying and eventually ditching the party.

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