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    What you need to know about Church Wedding


    Having a church wedding is a wonderful option that allows you to commit yourself to your marriage while expressing the importance of your faith to your community. Like any venue, there are certain guidelines that must be followed set forth by the location. Rules vary from church to church, but we’ve gathered up some information for if you decide to have your big day be in a wonderfully sacred space.  Planning a church wedding comes with plenty of rewards — but it also requires special considerations as well.

    ·        Get in Touch Early

    This isn’t just about getting your chosen date for your church wedding. Bans (a declaration of your marriage) have to be read in church for three Sundays before your day, and sometimes you might need a licence that can take time to get hold of. Before your wedding, your Vicar may also ask you to an event to help prepare you for married life. It’s a no-obligation invitation, but one that many couples appreciate.

    ·        Meet with the Priest, Pastor, Reverend, or any other necessary Clergy member

    Depending on the church, it may be mandatory for you to meet with specific members of the clergy. If this step is optional, we recommend you still meet with and interview churches you’re considering, because it’s your opportunity to feel out the location you feel most connected to. It’s also your time to figure out any and all rules and regulations that must be followed if you decide to have your wedding there.

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    ·        Make a Research on the church’s event calendar

    If you’re looking to get married on a specific holiday, you may need to consider a venue other than a church since it will most likely be booked with services. However, if you’re open to tying the knot around, but not on a holiday, it can cut down costs on decor because the church will likely have special decorations up that you can utilize.

    ·        Music Limitations

    Churches have instruments like organs built for them that fill the space with sound. Consider using these alongside your chosen music to really make the most of the acoustics in the building.


    ·        Your photographer may need to abide by certain rules

    Before you sign a church venue contract, make sure both you and your photographer know the rules for photography. Common restrictions range from no flash photography to no moving around once the ceremony starts to even no photography at any time. Just be sure to get the rules on photography during your church venue interview and you’ll avoid any potential issues.

    ·        Dress code

    Dress code varies and truly depends on the church and denomination. For instance, some churches require shoulders to be covered and others don’t. Regardless, make sure you ask before booking. As a general guideline, guests should wear what they would wear to a normal church service. Nice slacks, collared shirts, dresses and skirts that are modest in length are all appropriate for a church wedding.

    ·        Gather pivotal documents due to the requirement of the church

    Some churches require proof of baptism, confirmation and/or communion, so be prepared to attain the necessary documents. There are also some churches that will only perform second marriages if the first was properly annulled. In addition, some religions require the soon-to-be spouse to be of the same faith, so converting may be necessary.

    ·        Premarital counseling or Pre-Cana may be required

    This can sometimes be completed on a weekend or during a weekly workshop over the course of multiple weeks. Some churches don’t require this at all. It all truly varies, so be sure to ask about this important requirement.

    ·        The rules of the church is important

    Because of the sacred nature of a religious venue, there may be rules on how you can decorate the space, so be sure to check with management before proceeding.

    ·        Parking space

    Most churches were built before parking for lots of cars was an issue! Check where your guests are most likely to find a space to avoid latecomers stressing out and interrupting the service.


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