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    Read What President Buhari Says On His Visit To Imo State

    Imo State

    President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that leaving Nigeria is unthinkable for anyone from the South East.

    Buhari was perplexed as to why some Igbos are calling for secession.

    The president stated that the Igbo people are important in Nigeria and that they own successful businesses throughout the country.

    During his one-day official visit to Imo State, Buhari stated this during a town hall meeting with South-East leaders.

    According to a statement, the president stated that security would remain a top priority for his administration with less than two years remaining in his eight-year tenure as President of Nigeria.

    On Thursday, Buhari’s media aide, Femi Adesina, issued a statement titled, ‘I want to be remembered as a president who stabilized Nigeria, President Buhari tells South-East leaders.’

    Recognizing the Igbo people’s resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit, the President stated, “The fundamental thing about the Igbo people is that there is no town you will visit in Nigeria without seeing the Igbos in charge of either infrastructure or the pharmaceutical industry.”

    “Therefore, it is unthinkable for me that any Igbo man would consider himself not to be a part of Nigeria.

    “The evidence is there for everyone to see that Igbos are in charge of Nigeria’s economy.”

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