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    Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland

    Question: Will you like to have some tea?”
    Response: No, I’m just resting my system,
    *There is no need to announce that you are fasting to anybody.
    Somebody in the west once asked me, “why don’t we see the miracles that you see in Africa?”
    There is no African Bible, there is no African faith. (If) you won’t do what we do, you can’t see what we see! You can never see it.
    “Do you jump to praise God the way we do?” No, that’s African.
    Response: No, that’s biblical…

    One of the requirements for triumphant Christian life is to know the reason for your steps of action in the faith. You should be ready to give an answer to every one that asks us the reason for our hope.
    21 days of prayers and fasting begins tomorrow!
    “Why fast? What kind of punishment is that?”
    “I don’t have any need, what am I fasting for?”
    (If) you don’t have a reason for any step of action, you will be weary over time. Fasting is Christ’s prescription for triumphant Christian living.
    “When thou prayest; when thou fastest” – Not ‘If’ (Matthew 6:5).
    It’s Heaven’s package for our triumphant adventure (James 4:2, Matthew 17:21)
    It’s not punishment, it is for Polishment.

    25 years of drug addiction: 25 solid years of being on heroin, crack and all that stuff (documented testimony). 21 days of prayers and fasting chased that demon out and he became a free man.
    – Every deadly habit responsible for going in cycles in anyone’s life will clear off this month.

    Why Prayers and Fasting?
    To take delivery of your inheritance in Christ and for your rescue from forces that are stronger than you.
    – Before the 21 days of prayers and fasting is over, you’ll be turned into another man.
    Isaiah 58:6
    – It’s for empowerment for living a triumphant life.
    – It’s empowerment into next levels (Isaiah 10:27). It is not the same you starting this fast tomorrow that will end it on 24th. You are changing levels supernaturally.
    – It’s for gaining higher command over the issues of life. You will not fail!!!
    – Your birthright will not be sold to a morsel of meat.
    – Your own birthright will not be sold to your belly.
    – Your belly will not ruin your destiny!!!

    Welcome to 2021: Your Year of Supernatural Turnaround.
    It shall be a most awesome year, the best of the best till date in your life.
    Why is it called Turnaround era?
    It simply means Turnaround becomes your identity from this year onward. You are being ushered to the Turnaround era of your life. That’s why it is called Turnaround era, not Turnaround 2021: Turnaround Era beginning from 2021.
    – Just like Prosperity has become the identity of our Church: you mentioned the Church anywhere, the first thing that comes to people is ‘Prosperity.’
    – You mention it again: ‘Breakthrough’
    It began someday, so your Turnaround is beginning Today.

    Our Church got launched into this Prosperity era September 4th 1987. 1987 to now is quite some time. It has continued to grow in dimensions and very strange dimensions for that matter.
    Our Church growth era began 24th of March 1984 and it’s on and on and on and on.

    – In the same vein, your Turnaround that begins this year will never end.
    – An era means a season: Your Turnaround season that begins this year will follow you through your lifetime in the name of Jesus.

    Everything that is given to you is ever contended for by the enemy (Deuteronomy 2:24). You brace up spiritually to ward off the thief from robbing you of what God has given you (1 Corinthians 16:9).
    Prayers and fasting facilitates/ empowers fulfillment of prophecies.
    Christ the Master, our perfect example, the Author and Finisher of our faith, came to this world and could not manifest His mission; His mandate had no expression but then He was led of the Spirit and went into a 40-day fasting expenditure. The Bible says, He returned in the power of the Spirit and His mission exploded and it is still exploding till today (Luke 4:14).
    Fasting opened up His mandate to the world.
    – God has brought you and I into our promised land, being the 40th year of this Mandate.
    Don’t sell off your birthright to your belly.

    Somebody once asked me, one of our friends in the West, “why don’t we see the miracles that you see in Africa?”
    There is no African Bible, there is no African faith. (If) you won’t do what we do, you can’t see what we see! You can never see it.
    “Do you jump to praise God the way we do?” No, that’s African.
    Response: No, that’s biblical – ‘praise the Lord in the dance’, your unique dance (Psalm 149:3,7).
    David danced with all his might, he wasn’t African (2 Samuel 6:14)
    ‘Oh God, I love you…’ – who are you manifesting to, who are you demonstrating to?
    I have never seen any sustainable breakthrough in any Church that is not given to fasting: can’t find it except if God has changed.
    The forces fighting against the advancement of the Church are so enormous that if you don’t robe yourself with power through fasting, you are gone.
    The same with your life: too many demons are eyeing you. They want you down and out but these 21 days of prayers and fasting will secure this year for you in grand style.

    I knew what God said to me but I wasn’t seeing it so I said No, this Church cannot be growing like this: I called 3 of my co-labourers and I said we are going to fast for 3 days. Within 3 days, He delivered the agenda for continuous, unstoppable growth.
    – Every 3 days of this fast will deliver something eternal in your life.
    – Whatever is blocking your way forward shall be cleared off supernaturally.
    – Whatever is putting you under pressure perpetually as a child of God will be deflated like a dream of the night.
    – Prayers and fasting are for our empowerment that guarantees triumphant living on the earth.
    – Prayers and fasting wards off opposition to God’s agenda for our lives, thereby facilitating speedy fulfillment of prophecies.
    – No one shall be stranded in life again. You will never suffer a setback anymore in your journey

    Matthew 12:44-45
    It’s a lifetime requirement to keep the enemy off your territory. It’s not an old testament phenomenon.
    I heard someone say recently, “God only commanded us to fast one day in a year!”
    I said, “Well done. You will suffer the remaining 364 days of the year.”

    In fastings often – 2 Corinthians 11:27. That’s why the demons can say, “Jesus I know, Paul I know” (Acts 19:15)
    Matthew 17:21 – If you do one day, that kind will stay with you, 364 days: you will be free for one day and go through pressure 364 days, God forbid.
    When they say ‘Fast’, you are not fasting for the Church, you are fasting for yourself.
    “I can’t fast for this Church”
    Response: Who asked you to fast for the Church
    “…that you break every yoke that is yoking you” – Isaiah 58:6
    – It is for your personal empowerment, it’s for your personal triumph in the journey of life. Beyond what it is for anybody else. It is primarily for you.

    People like to pick what they like from scriptures and leave the others.
    When it is a promise, it’s not Old Testament.
    When it is a responsibility, it is Old Testament.

    “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest shall not cease” – that’s okay, it is not Old Testament.
    When it is a responsibility: that’s Old Testament, Jesus paid for it.
    That’s okay, then you’ll have to pay another price.
    I’ll like you to develop yourself to enjoy these 21 days: don’t see it as a covenant punishment, see it as a platform for your triumphant adventure 2021, to maximize the blessedness of the good land, this promised land that is flowing with milk and honey. Develop yourself to enjoy it. Let it become a lifetime delight, you don’t announce to anybody, you just enjoy yourself.
    “Will you like to have some tea?” No, I’m just resting my system, not to announce that you are fasting to anybody.
    Matthew 9:14-15
    After Jesus left from Mount Olive into Heaven, fasting became part and parcel of our redemptive responsibilities.
    We are in the days of fasting in the Body of Christ (Mark 2:19-20, Luke 5:34-35). You can’t tell how many Churches today, in Nigeria, in particular, that are on with this annual fasting expenditure.
    No wonder you have eruptions of growth and expansion everywhere because of the empowerment that people access through the mystery of fasting.

    Can I hear your loudest Amen? The fasting has not started and you are doing like this. Show your strength in the Lord.
    – You have been begging for things, you will get command over such things now.
    – You are gaining command over things you used to beg for, from henceforth.
    Fasting is not optional, fasting is a covenant obligation that gives you your place in destiny.
    “Naturally if by 10 O’clock, I’ve not eaten (10 am in the morning), my entire system just keeps rumbling. It’s not my fault, I just found out that 10 am latest I must eat. Not just breakfast ohh, real food.”
    That’s a sign that the enemy has been given his way but not you.
    – This fasting will be the most pleasurable in your life because you are partaking of this Communion table today and it will be strength for you all through the 21 days of prayers and fasting

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