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    Were the black players set up to fail?

    The Penalty shootout

    The England Football Association confirmed that after the penalty shootout loss to Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, trolls on social media racially abused the three black players who missed their penalties, the players being – Marcus Rashford, Jordan Sancho, and Saka.

    Were the black players set up to fail?
    Were the black players set up to fail?

    Two of them had their shots saved by the keeper (Saka and Sancho) while Rashford had his shot hit the bar from the spot as the Italian team won 3-2 in a penalty shoot-out after the final game ended in a 1-1 draw after extra time.


    The three black players suffered extreme racial abuse via the internet over their inability to convert their spot-kicks.

    A statement from the England Football Association slammed the racist abuse, thereby stating that they ‘stand with our players”

    A statement on their official Twitter handle states: “We’re disgusted that some of our squad, who have given everything for the shirt this summer have been subjected to discriminatory abuse online after tonight’s game. We stand with our players”.



    A case for the trio


    The United star man was barely allowed to have game time this Euros. You will even be forgiven if you thought he never even went to the Euros at all. But the stakes were very high and the tension mounted, the coach of the Three Lions never deemed it fit to have his favourites; Sterling, Mount and co take spot-kicks but without any prior warmup he threw the young Rashy into the lion’s den.

    A fine penalty no doubt, maybe he has been more decisive but you sent the keeper the wrong way except it hit the bar, then and there he knew unless his teammates saved his blushes, he was in for another racial row, one he is already accustomed and receives regularly from Manchester United faithful in England.

    Were the black players set up to fail?: Rashford
    Were the black players set up to fail?: Rashford barely had minutes at the Euros

    No matter how hard he tries, Rashy could never please them.

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    Well, the fact that Rashford didn’t even get game time is surprising but Sancho was supposed to be lighting up the competition with sleeky dribbles and match-high take-ons, he was supposed to be a creative outlet for the Three Lions, but he had a special place on Southgate’s bench who prefered to play Mount on the wings all during the competition. Even the mighty Grealish never started any match, the more I speak on Southgate’s incompetence, the more annoyed I get.

    Were the black players set up to fail?: Sancho
    Were the black players set up to fail?: Sancho

    Before the Italy game, Sancho played like a man lost in confidence, a man who knew the coach never trusted in his ability, he was just a shadow of himself, hopefully, he can pick himself up and get ready for United. I won’t guarantee that it’ll get better for him, he would be battered at United, scorned, by those who fought tooth and nail for the management to bring him to Old Trafford.



    Arsenal’s best player, the poster boy whose performances are what Arsenal fans see as the only bright linen in a very dark Arsenal season.

    I alone cannot do justice to the injustice done to this young man, a team having senior players like Maguire and the rest, even favourite Mason Mount even hid under the cloak of Gary Southgate when it came to justifying his place in the team. Saka stood up, we don’t know the events that led up to choosing a player who doesn’t even take penalties at Arsenal.

    If they needed someone for that job why didn’t they take the ice-cold Mait Niles whose calm and deadly on the spot ask the Liverpool keeper?

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    Bukayo Saka in tears afeter penalty miss
    Bukayo Saka in tears afeter penalty miss

    Keane, the United legendary midfielder says that Jack Grealish, 25, and Raheem Sterling, 26, should have stepped up before the youngster.

    He told ITV: “If you’re Sterling or Grealish, you cannot sit there and let a young kid walk up ahead of you.

    “You can’t sit there and say, ‘I see a young kid, a 19-year-old, a child walking up in front of me and I’ve played a lot more games, a lot more experience’… Sterling has won trophies.

    “You can’t sit there… that must be hard to take. You’ve got to get in front of this young kid and say, ‘Listen, I’ll step up before you.’”


    Even the special one (Jose Mourinho)  was critical of this decision to lay the destiny of the nation in the legs of a 19year old.

     “The decision of the penalty takers, I think it is hard to leave Saka as the last one,” he told talkSPORT.

    “I think it’s too much for a kid to have everything on his shoulders at this moment, but I don’t know, I have to ask that question to Gareth because many times what happens is that players who should be there are not there, players who should be there, they run away from the responsibility.

    “And because I feel Gareth is such an honest guy and is so protective of his players, I don’t believe Gareth would ever say if ‘Player A’ or ‘Player B’ ran away or hid or said they were not ready to take one.

    “In this situation, where was Raheem Sterling?. “Where was John Stones? Where was Luke Shaw? Why didn’t Jordan Henderson or Kyle Walker stay on the pitch?

    “Because in reality, it’s very, very hard for Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho to come and take a penalty after one touch on the ball.

    “But for Saka to have the destiny of a country on his shoulders… I think it’s too much.”

    Italian Giorgio Chiellini drags England's Bukayo Saka down
    Italian Giorgio Chiellini drags England’s Bukayo Saka down

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    Gary Southgate is also familiar with penalty heartbreak and should be aware of its consequences on a young player like Saka tried a wasted effort to shift the blame from the young man stating that the blame should be placed on him Saka.

    He told talkSPORT: “He’s not alone, he’ll never be on his own as far as we’re concerned.

    “He’s been an absolute star in this tournament.

    “I have to take responsibility for that call because, in the end, that’s my decision. It hasn’t worked.

    “So anything should come back on me and not on him.”


    So what are your thoughts on this; were these young black English boys set up to fail with the knowledge that if it had been Mount or Grealish who had their penalties missed, they’ll just get bantered but what these young men have had to face and will face during this coming days would be pitiable.



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