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    5 Subtly Brilliant Ways To Get A Man To Do Anything You Want

    Ways To Get A Man To Do Anything You Want

    Men are not emotional beings.  However, there are certain things a woman can do to steal the heart of her man. In this article, you will learn all it takes to get a man to do anything you want him to do. Knowing how to give him some of that sweet, old-fashioned charm only a woman can give.

    So, read what most intelligent women do to get what they want?

    1. Try the damsel in distress act.

    “Whenever I want a guy to do something, I put on the sweet and innocent act. I’ll do just about everything except batting my eyelashes — but it works! Even though I’m not naïve, I’ll act that way and put a little extra sugar on everything I say and do toward him.” — Erin, 25

    2. Give him something he loves.

    “My boyfriend loves surprises (even though he’d never admit that), so I always come prepared.

    If I want him to go out with me and my girlfriends one night, or if I want him to help me clean the apartment, I make sure to stop and pick up something that he’ll really love — or something that he’s been hinting that he wants. There are no arguments, no huffing and puffing — just a little surprise and he’s in my pocket.” — Lisa, 29

    3. Ask in a sweet tone of voice.

    “Call me crazy, but I just ask nicely — like, really, really nice. If my guy knows that it’s important to me, I just tell him how important it is, and then I promise to make it up to him afterwards. How could a guy say no to that?” — Tara, 32

    4. Lean in for a long kiss.

    “There’s nothing sweeter than a long kiss before asking for something. It’s kind of my way of saying, ‘Yes, I need something from you, but I’m not gonna fight you for it.’

    I think a guy can appreciate that — and uh, who doesn’t love a hot, steamy kiss?” — Meagan, 27

    5. Do him a favour.

    “I’ll make dinner for my boyfriend and then he’ll take the lead and clean up… without me having to nag. Or I’ll buy him dinner and then the next time we go out for a date, he picks up the check.

    By seeing me take the initiative first, he’s more likely to realize that he wants to do something nice in return. It gives one, gets one, but for relationships!” — Brittany, 36

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