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    How To Fall in Love and Build Genuine Intimacy.
    Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

    Galatians 5:14
    All the law is revealed in one word, ‘thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.’ Someone said God is love and so God is law.
    All the law is fulfilled in one word. You must love. There are laws to loving and if I break the law I am breaking somebody’s heart.There is a way to love.

    Proverb 10:12
    Hatred stirs up strife but love covers all sins.

    When we often think of love, we think of something romantic, we think of pleasures and feelings. But this is not love. The bible says love covers all sins. It forgives. When people hurt you, you might know you have to forgive but it takes knowing God and it takes the heart of God to forgive. Love is beyond emotions. God is the greatest forgiver and to forgive people you must have God ruling your heart. This scripture says love covers all sins. It is not easy to forgive someone who hurts you badly but the bible says to love you must be able to do the impossible.

    The greatest gift we can give people is love. Giving love means going the extra mile. Love is not a feeling, it is a responsibility. It is sacrifice and sufferings. God loved and laid His life down. You must understand loving is not child’s play. It’s not easy to cover anybody’s sin, but that is what love really is.

    Love with couples has to do with intimacy. Most of the time when we hear intimacy, we think of sex. But we miss it. Love can lead to sex in marriage but love is greater than sex. Because we interprete intimacy wrongly, we talk of sex without close meaningful relationships.ChurchGist.A man can sleep with a woman and have no close relationship with her. Every soul seeks for intimacy. Genuine intimacy improves your life in every way. Sex cannot give you what a meaninful relationship will give you. A meaning relationship makes your whole life improve

    Intimacy comes from a latin word ‘in-most.’ It means Confidentiality, understanding and being understood. Here are some keys of Genuine Love and Intimacy.

    1) Communication

    Love is impossible without talking(communication). How can I know and understand you without communication?
    To love someone, you must seek to understand the man or woman beyond the way anyone else understands them. When you understand men you can provide for their needs greater than the way anyone can; Socially, spiritually, mentally and otherwise. There is no love and agreement without communication and understanding.

    2)Discover The Person

    Love is all about discovery.
    In loving you choose to discover the person. It can take you two minutes to discover someone’s body if they get naked. But it is more than that. ChurchGist.It is about the innermost. You must go beyond touching the outside to touching the inside. Giving your hearts to each other. Discovering what touches me, makes me cry or laugh etc

    Jesus asked His disciples, who do men say that I am. He expected that because they loved him they would know his innermost part. ChurchGist.To fall in love or marry someone is to embark in a journey of discovery. To love someone more than anyone does is to discover what no one has ever discovered about them.

    3) Give in Time and Effort

    True love doesn’t just happen. It is a process. Genuine intimacy can not be rushed or attained in months. You cannot rush a newborn to become a teenager. It must take a natural process. The reason for broken relationships is because people haven’t bonded at all. ChurchGist.Being attracted to someone at first sight is not love. Bonding must solidify things. There is a process; From stranger, to companion, to casual friend, to a close friend, to intimate friend to marriage. What people do is move from knowing a stranger to marriage.

    They define love as a feeling they have never had before. Love is not a feeling. It is a responsibility. The proof of intimacy is transparency and trust without fear of undue criticism.

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      Yes ooooo love is not just a feeling it’s about responsibilities

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      Sam P

      That part caught my attention… Love is sacrificial

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