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    Tribute: Read What Dare Adeboye’s Wife Said About Her HusbandDare Adeboye

    Temiloluwa Adeboye, the wife of the late Pastor Dare Adeboye, said her husband was not afraid of death, adding that she was sure the late cleric was in heaven. She made the comment while paying tribute to her late husband.

    Read the excerpt below:


    I write this with a heavy heart because I never knew it would come soon. I can’t believe I have to talk about you in the past tense. I thank God for the wonderful life you lived. You were amazing inside and out. Yes, we had our difference and we fought. This time, you fought the good fight of faith and I’m sure you got the crown. You have run your race and have finished well. You left us with the baton, and we will continue the race from here.

    It’s truly not a matter of how long, but how well. Although your time on earth was short, your impact is felt worldwide, especially amongst the youths.

    I do not mourn but I celebrate you because you are Heavens’ gain. In your last messages, you told us if you leave this world now, you are fulfilled and know you have done what the Lord sent you to do. Well done God’s General. I salute you!

    You told the children, “Go with Mummy, she will take care of you better than I can”, and called me and said, “Baby, please give them whatever they want”. We kissed and said our byes. You said you wanted to rest and not to be disturbed because you knew Jesus wanted you by His side.

    Who am I to question God? You’ve always said when I don’t have answers; I should ask the Holy Spirit for clarifications. I did! He assured me you’re with the Lord. I saw you lifted into glory.

    The girls and I miss you so much already, but Heaven needs you more.

    My number 1 customer. You would buy things you don’t need. You would ask, “Baby, when is the new stock arriving? Don’t sell to anyone, I’m buying all. I would ask what you need so many biscuits and tea for. Your response, “I just want to write ‘SOLD OUT’ on every item on your Instagram page.”

    You were a man with excellent spirit. Your attention to details was top-notch. You aim for excellence in everything you did and taught us to follow suit. Even your dressing was with swag and you made sure the girls and I always looked good too.

    You would ask a million times if the children and I were okay and would ask until you were absolutely sure we are fine. Every answer whether yes or no, must be accompanied by a detailed explanation. It was always such a joy to see you play computer games with the girls.  You danced with us unashamed and would sing lullabies to them. You had a distinct way of waking us up in the morning by clapping your hands. I will continue this from now. You greeted everyone with a big hug and a smile.

    I know you’re watching over us and your Heavenly CCTV has even more coverage (LoL!)

    You always wanted us to celebrate every milestone of the girls in a grand way, be it preschool graduations, birthdays etc. We were already planning Ara’s graduation in July and all the girls’ birthdays in December. We still spoke about these events last week. Nothing is going to change. Darling, we will continue to celebrate their wins knowing you will also be there in the spirit.

    Thank you for the day we met seventeen years ago, and for 12 years of marriage. Thank you for the three wonderful girls we have (your Angels, as you fondly called them). Thank you for your family who is now mine, without you, I wouldn’t have known them. Thank you for all the wonderful moments we created and shared together. Thank you for the joys and laughter. Thank you for your service to the king of God. Thank you for allowing God to use you globally.

    You are sorely missed my darling.

    I love you, Baby, Sleep on till we meet on the resurrection morning!

    Your Wife



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