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    Top 5 Markets in Lagos



    Top 5 Markets in Lagos
    Any society that is meant for humans to habitat, must have a marketplace as a crucial social amenity. The marketplace is far from just a place to buy and sell but also a place that attracts tourists and social gathering of various kinds of people for several reasons.

    In Lagos state we have a lot of unique marketplaces known for unique reasons like the Computer Village in Ikeja is known for ICT appliances and the Oshodi market is known for foodstuff and clothing.

    Here are the top 5 markets in the city of Lagos:

    1. Balogun market: It experiences an inflow of various kinds of individuals in Lagos and other parts of the country daily. This market is where families depend on for their daily bread. The exchange of goods and services in this market starts from 5 AM on market days.

    Most people go very early to buy goods from wholesalers to resell to the final consumer at a profit.

    There is nothing you cant get from the Balogun market. Specific areas for certain goods and services are made available for easy navigation and location. So, the cloth section is different from the provision section, accessory section, and bridal section. This is a major “Asoebi” market for lovers of “Owambe” parties.

    You must hold on to your valuables carefully or pickpockets will hold them for you while you’re here.

    2. Oshodi Market: It is a major location in Lagos because it acts as a connecting cord to other parts of Lagos and even outside Lagos. The new location of the market is in Isopakodowo after the demolition of the old one in Owonifari. The market accommodates over 600 shops and hundreds of kee Clamps. Asoebi marketers, foodstuffs sellers, and fruit sellers do business in Oshodi. 

    The market is believed by pickpockets and handbag snatchers who look for their next careless victim. However, a lot of people still shop at the Oshodi market because the goods there are quite affordable, I bought a quality packet shirt from there for 500naira yesterday, what a bargain.

    3. Oyingbo market: The number of transactions that take place there daily has made the Oyingbo market a popular destination. It is an established market and is regarded as one of the best markets in Nigeria to the extent that a musician added it to the lines of his song. The line reads “The Oyingbo market misses no one’s absence”. 

    At any moment of the day or time, the market is usually filled with many traders and their customers. It is a major foodstuff market in Lagos.

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    4. Computer Village: It is located in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State, Nigeria. It is home to all sorts of ICT appliances. It is the largest technology market in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Millions of naira in transactions are been traded in the popular Computer Village ranging from computers, phones, chargers, etc. 


    5. Aswani market: Many people may not know Aswani, but the market is popularly known for the purchase of cheap items in Lagos. Its located beside the Isolo L.G.A Council office in Isolo. Aswani market prides itself in the sales of fairly used items at ridiculous prices. Clothes are as cheap as 50 NGN here. Several people sell new clothing items per yard, bags, shoes, underwears and even foodstuffs. Even you have damaged electrical equipment or tool (blender or iron) take it to Aswani and you can fix it for as low as 300-500 NGN.


    Even though the market is opened every day of the week, Mondays are for marketing shoes and bags. The market runs fully on Tuesdays. You can get almost every item needed with ease and at affordable prices on Aswani Market day. If you are in Lagos, and you have never visited Aswani Market, try visiting, even if it is for sightseeing. You will have a wonderful shopping experience.


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      One imoortant one is missing …….ASUWANI MARKET !

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      Hey guy @ Victor….. you ought to open your eyes very well to see that Aswani market was mentioned in the post. Shine your eyes

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Violence in the timeline…make unah calm down</p>

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