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    Top 10 Best Barcelona players in modern history ranking

    Barcelona has been one of the most successful clubs in the history of the Champions League.

    In 1991/92, the Blaugrana won the final edition of the old European Cup, kicking off the new era as winners. And, while it took them almost a decade to truly establish themselves on the continent, they’ve been excellent at home during that period.

    Even with a six-year title hiatus, Barcelona has won an incredible number of titles in the Champions League period, including 14 La Liga crowns (half of the 29 total), nine Copas del Rey titles, and four more Champions Leagues.

    Some of the top players that have ever played the game in the modern age have come out of this era. Who, on the other hand, is the best? Who among them is even alive? So, we’ve put up a list of the top ten Barcelona players of the contemporary age.

    Some really world-class players have been overlooked, but when longevity and effect with Barcelona are taken into account, even Ronaldo’s incredible 1996/97 season falls short. This is the highest level of football in the country. Who was chosen for the final cut?

    10. Rivaldo

    • Barcelona appearances: 235
    • Barcelona goals: 129
    • Barcelona trophies: 1997 UEFA Super Cup, La Liga (2), 1997/18 Copa del Rey

    Barcelona’s present difficulties are monumental, but keep in mind that the team has already gone six years without winning a championship. Throughout that time, Rivaldo did everything he could to carry the club on his shoulders, performing miracles to keep Barcelona in contention. It is for this reason that he is ranked No.10, ahead of players like Neymar, who have only experienced times of abundance.

    9. Luis Suárez

    • Barcelona appearances: 283
    • Barcelona goals: 198
    • Barcelona trophies: La Liga (4), Copa del Rey (4), Supercopa de Espana (2), 2014/15 UEFA Champions League, 2015 UEFA Super Cup, 2015 FIFA Club World Cup

    Although Samuel Eto’o was fierier, Luis Suárez was objectively superior to the Cameroonian attacker in Barcelona colours. Suárez’s first two seasons were works of dizzying artistry, and his third was fairly good as well; after that, he had three years in which he scored despite struggling. He continued to score. Only Leo Messi and Cesar Rodriguez have more goals for Barcelona than he has.

    8. Dani Alves

    • Barcelona appearances: 391
    • Barcelona goals: 21
    • Barcelona trophies: La Liga (6), Copa del Rey (4), Supercopa de Espana (4), UEFA Champions League (3), UEFA Super Cup (3), FIFA Club World Cup (3)

    Dani Alves was a right-back for Barcelona, but he was a lot more than that. The Brazilian, who played fullback, winger, and midfield all at the same time, was also the life and soul of a dressing room that was on a never-ending winning streak while playing an exquisite high-wire game every week. Even at the age of 39, Xavi has brought him back to the club for a reason: his will is iron, and Barcelona needs that focus, as well as his never-ending sense of pleasure and joy.

    7. Carles Puyol

    • Barcelona appearances: 593
    • Barcelona goals: 18
    • Barcelona trophies: La Liga (6), Copa del Rey (2), Supercopa de Espana (4), UEFA Champions League (3), 2009 UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup (2)

    Carles Puyol was present for it all. There have been horrible times, good times, wonderful times, and moments that are hard to believe. As Pep Guardiola’s vision neared completion in 2011, injury reduced his role, but he remained the best leader that the club has ever had. His choice to allow Eric Abidal to lift the Champions League trophy following his cancer recovery in 2011 remains a high point in the competition’s history.

    6. Gerard Piqué

    • Barcelona appearances: 579
    • Barcelona goals: 51
    • Barcelona trophies: La Liga (8), Copa del Rey (7), Supercopa de Espana (6), UEFA Champions League (3), UEFA Super Cup (3), FIFA Club World Cup (3)

    The greatest centre-back in the history of Barcelona (and Spain). Yes, you are accurate. No, I understand that you don’t like it, but that’s the truth. Piqué, a big, competent defender with merely average speed, spent his whole career in a system meant to highlight every shortcoming, and he was so damn excellent for so damn long that his errors became memes.

    This man has been in three Champions League finals for Barcelona and has never played with a true centre defender and only once with a “defensive” full-back (Eric Abidal in 2011). Piqué is a fading force now, but he was a colossus from 2009 until 2019.

    5. Sergio Busquets

    • Barcelona appearances: 645
    • Barcelona goals: 16
    • Barcelona trophies: La Liga (8), Copa del Rey (7), Supercopa de Espana (6), UEFA Champions League (3), UEFA Super Cup (3), FIFA Club World Cup (3)

    Frequently forgotten, frequently disregarded, still undervalued, and still the most despised. Busquets will never receive his flowers because he has spent his entire career surrounded by superior midfielders.

    But, although everyone focuses on how they assisted Busquets, no one analyzes how Busquets’ entrance to the Spain and Barcelona teams accelerated the passing and pressing game to near-superhuman levels.

    Since 2017, he has been ruthlessly exposed by silly managers, but his exploits with Luis Enrique and Spain prove that there is virtually no midfielder who can stand up to him in the correct system. Will Sergio Busquets have his “Pirlo” moment now that Xavi has returned to Blaugrana?

    4. Ronaldinho

    • Barcelona appearances: 207
    • Barcelona goals: 94
    • Barcelona trophies: La Liga (2), Supercopa de Espana (2), 2005/06 UEFA Champions League

    It’s not always about accumulating prize after trophy and dominating everyone. Sometimes football is about being a brilliant beacon in the dark, and sometimes it’s about magic and hocus pocus. Everyone is comparing Ansu Fati to Lionel Messi, but Ansu should be looking to Ronaldinho for inspiration. In 2003, he taught an entire club to believe in themselves once more. With mesmeric, magnificent, magisterial football, who hauled Barcelona out of the muck, breaking their trophyless skid and transforming them into one of the three best teams in the world?

    Ronaldinho’s pre-Twitter peak was one of his few major disappointments since he consistently accomplished things that would have made for a classic gif in every game. Yes, his pinnacle lasted only two years, and after winning the Champions League in 2006, it was all downhill, but a thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts. It was a pleasure to observe him.

    3. Andrés Iniesta

    • Barcelona appearances: 674
    • Barcelona goals: 57
    • Barcelona trophies: La Liga (9), Copa del Rey (6), Supercopa de Espana (6), UEFA Champions League (4), UEFA Super Cup (2), FIFA Club World Cup (3)

    Perhaps the greatest way to summarize Andrés Iniesta’s career is that he received standing ovations at practically every away ground in Spain over the course of two (2) seasons. In both seasons, he was also named La Liga champion. A consistent winner, and possibly the only individual who can match Zinedine Zidane in terms of his capacity to show up in crucial games.

    On the pitch, Iniesta was a liquid, capable of playing the most devastatingly dynamic football while maintaining the physical presence of a young child. Despite this, no one resented him, no one despised him. Two seasons of standing ovations from opponents. Two!

    2. Xavi

    • Barcelona appearances: 767
    • Barcelona goals: 85
    • Barcelona trophies: La Liga (8), Copa del Rey (3), Supercopa de Espana (6), UEFA Champions League (4), UEFA Super Cup (2), FIFA Club World Cup (2)

    From 2008 through 2013, no player has ever dominated club and international football like Xavi did. Xavi was the beating heart of the best club team in history, and possibly the best international team as well, at the time. Xavi was ridiculous with Barcelona and Spain.

    Even with simply Barcelona, he was a prodigy granted his debut by Louis van Gaal in the 1990s who endured through the dark days, overcoming a devastating ACL injury to become the face of Guardiola’s Cruyffist revolution.

    Xavi dominated every game he was in as a coach on the pitch, and now he’s back as a coach on the sidelines. Is he capable of re-creating the same magic? Let’s see what happens!

    1. Lionel Messi

    • Barcelona appearances: 778
    • Barcelona goals: 672
    • Barcelona trophies: La Liga (10), Copa del Rey (7), Supercopa de Espana (8), UEFA Champions League (4), UEFA Super Cup (3), FIFA Club World Cup (3)

    There is no doubt who will be ranked first for Barcelona. The greatest player in the club’s contemporary history is also the greatest player in the club’s history overall, and probably the greatest player in the game’s history. The fact that Messi is only ever compared to Pelé and Diego Maradona speaks volumes about how amazing he was (is?) and how fortunate Barcelona was to have him.

    Messi’s wizardry helped the club to hide a slew of problems, including the reality that the club has been in decline since Tito Vilanova’s departure in 2013.

    Messi’s magic has been particularly evident since Neymar’s departure in 2017, dragging the team to title after title, and you get the feeling that with a little more help from his teammates (or, indeed, his last three coaches), he’d already been level with Paco Gento on 12 La Liga titles, rather than two behind, and he’d have five or even six Champions League titles.

    Even still, Messi’s trophy tally is staggering, as is the fact that he has won more than half of the Liga titles he has participated in (10/17). Or the fact that he won the 2017/18 title without losing a game because he didn’t play in the Blaugrana’s lone loss that season.

    The era is defined by his man of the match performances in the latter stages of the Champions League, such as his improbable brace in the Santiago Bernabeu during the Clásico conflict with José Mourinho’s Real Madrid. Also, in the Copa del Rey finals, his wonder goals (yes, plural). Or all of the spectacular assists, as well as should-have-been assists after his tea-mates squandered his passes. Or the fact that he performed all of this over the course of 17 years.

    There is no way to adequately capture Leo Messi’s greatness at Barcelona. You were fortunate if you were able to witness it. If you missed it, YouTube and other such outlets can help you out. We’ll never see another like him; a one-club man who carried his club through thick and thin until they couldn’t afford to keep him. He left on a sad note, like all the greats, but that didn’t make the rest of his stay with Barcelona any less enjoyable. The greatest of the best.


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      they should just auction the club to the highest bidder if thats the case instead of selling De Jong

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      Ronaldinho should be number as he led the great revolution of trophies that came into Barcelona

    • #28651
      John Adeleke

      the fact that Samuel Etoo isnt on the list shows how much of a scam this list is!!

    • #28654

      Puyol should be second after Messi, which list or site did you get this shady stuff from

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