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    10 Subtle Things To Consider When Looking For A Husband


    The rate at which many marriages hit the rock nowadays is becoming worrisome. The tales of heartbreaks, domestic violence, maltreatment and so many other complaints from women in the hands of their spouses, got me really wondering as to what women consider when they choose to date or marry men.

    It is against this background, this writer intends to delve into ten subtle things a woman should look for in a man first before leaping into marriage.

    1. Consider a Committed man.

    If you want to build a long-term relationship with your spouse, then commitment is a must. Women like men who are committed, as they don’t have the doubt at the back of their minds that their partner isn’t taking their relationship seriously.

    2. Consider a loyal man.

    Fidelity in marriage demands 100 percent commitment and prioritizing your spouse above all else. A good husband knows that it will take effort, work and sacrifice. But he also knows the reward is sweeter than the price he may feel he has to pay. Loyalty is vital to a happy, healthy, safe and lasting marriage.

    Loyalty is the foundation of true love. When a man shows loyalty in his marriage, his wife feels safe and secure in the marriage. A loyal husband listens carefully and is attentive. He doesn’t let people or things pull his loyalty away from his wife.

    3. How he handles anger.

    You’ll need to observe this one rather than asking about it. Watch how they behave when they don’t get their own way, are disappointed, or feel angry. In life, we have to manage not getting our own way as well as hurt and disappointment. How people act with others under these circumstances says a lot about how they will one day act with you.

    4.. Past relationships.

    It is important to discover what kinds of friendships someone has had or currently have. The best sign is that they still keep a few of their oldest friends. Additionally, see if they’ve been able to take some responsibility for their failed relationships. Do they speak of past lovers in derogatory terms, such as “She was crazy” or “He was a total narcissist”?

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    5. Consider your partner’s intellect.

    If you are a laid-back person and your partner is an over-achiever, that could lead to a threat in your marriage. You must see eye to eye on how both of you are able to think and process things.

    6. It’s okay to have standard.

    While choosing a life partner, you need to consider your and your family’s standards. Though it’s okay to choose someone who probably does not belong to the same strata of society as yours, make sure that he is not completely off the mark.

    7. Consider a man with good listening skills.

    Is the guy you’re dating a good listener? Does he pay attention to the things you say, even when you don’t ask him to? It’s likely that just about every person would say they’re a good listener. However, listening isn’t an innate ability all people possess. It’s a skill that’s cultivated. It is also a gift. A man who truly loves you cares about what you have to say. If listening is ineffective, there will be sparks.

    8. Consider a man that Isn’t afraid to talk about your future together.

    If you’re planning on marrying someone, that means you’ll be spending a lifetime together. It is important to talk about where you see your life going now. Does he want kids? Do you want kids? Are you on the same page with who will work, where you will live and how you will raise future kids? If not, those are discussions that need to be tackled before you commit to being with someone long term. If he won’t open up about those topics, it’s not worth the risk! At least in my opinion.

    9. Consider a man who values your opinion

    There are still so many guys out there who think women are the lesser sex. I’m not here to get all feminist on you, but, in a marriage, you should work together. The wife should stand beside her husband, not behind him. A marriage is a partnership, and both partners should have equal say in all important matters (or not so important matters like where to eat on a Friday night, whatever).

    10. Consider a man that will be able to protect you.

    The next thing that women would love to have in their partner is their ability to protect them physically in times of trouble or danger. It’s a universal fact that women are weak, and they want their husbands to protect them at all cost. It will give them a sense of security and peace of mind.

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