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    THIS HAPPENED. I was in the hostel one night, sleeping peacefully like a baby only to be woken up by a violent knock on my door. “Yele, wake up, now!!!, there is a thief, rapist or an armed robber in the hostel” the voice said not at all at ease. At that point, my senses were sent to all seven planets at a time. I was totally lost on what my next line of action will be. I was at a disadvantage at that point for some reasons; First, I was just waking up from sleep, second my room was far apart from rooms that still had people in them, also, I was the only one in my room. I opened the door to find sis Oyin and her two other room- mates pairing up at me in despair. “Pick just your valuables and vacate the hostel immediately” Anu said. “We can’t wait any longer, you must meet up with us” sis Oyin said. “The thief is fast catching up with us!!!” sis Oyin exclaimed and fled. I was at the verge of wetting my pants. Having no time for any form of concrete mental calculation, I picked up just my phone and laptop and hastily ran for my dear life, only to hear the voice of Bolu; the lady that sleeps in two rooms away from mine. “I’m not the thief o, Yele, wait, I heard what she said and ran too” she said. I was so scared that I mistakenly dropped my system, leaving it to bounce on the stairs to scatter on the ground floor. I didn’t even mind for my sixth sense screamed “Escape from sobibor”, and that was exactly what I did. Leaving my room unlocked, I ran as far as my leg could take to the potter’s lounge. On getting there, I got the full gist from Jummy on what had really happened.
    The thief, rapist or armed robber whatever he was, supposedly armed had tried desperately to hack into a lady’s room in the floor above mine. She was screaming profusely for help this however, didn’t dwindle the effort of the thief; in fact, he was bent on his intents the more. He must have calculated that no help would reach her on time since the school at this period was on it’s semester break, leaving just a hand full of students around. The hostel was deserted. The victim unfortunately was the only person at that time sleeping on the topmost floor. She was therefore powerless and unprepared as compared to the thief who must have weighed all pros and cons before embarking on the “nightmarish” journey. He came prepared with some iron rods with the motive of removing the lock inside of the room from outside. The victim’s major utterances was “ Sis Oyin, sis Jummy, please help me, my life is in danger” but the only response she got came from sis Oyin, who said “We can’t come to you, I am sorry, we don’t know if the thief is armed or not”. I’m still wondering how she muttered the courage to respond.
    I wander at this and I pondered on what exactly the judgment day will look like. There is something called timely warning which can be likened to sis Oyins warning to me “Yele wake up now, there is a thief, rapist, or armed robber in the hostel”. The emphasy is on the NOW. What might have happened to me if I was so sleep drunken that I couldn’t even hear her call?, what might have happened if I did hear and I bluffed her off as raising a false alarm?. I had a choice. I had a choice to take an action based on the warning I had gotten or a choice to be lackadaisical about the warning and go back to my slumber. The latter may be fatal. My fate could have been like that of the victims’; desperately crying out for help but none came because of the dangers involved. This gave me an illustrational view of the circumstances in hell. Souls will cry out to those they know in the other side (Heaven) only to be meet with responses like that of sis Oyin’s “We can’t come, I am sorry, the thief may be armed” how pathetic. We are at the period of grace now truly, but this period may roll away any time like a beautiful rug being rolled away from a damaged floor. Don’t be deceived, we have choices to make. We can choose to live our lives like it totally belong to us and “JAYEORIWA” like there is no tomorrow , we can choose to live our lives without taking cognizance of the supernatural being that died on the cross of Calvary for our sake over two thousand years ago; the Lord Jesus Christ. Just know this, no one knows, I repeat, no one knows what tomorrow brings, no one even know what the next minute brings. That which I know is that, it pays to be on the part of righteousness; it is only then that your security is truly guaranteed. So choose wisely. (Matthew 5: 13-15).
    But of that [exact] day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son [in His humanity], but the Father alone.
    Mark 13:32 AMP

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