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    30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you (Part 1)

    There’s a big chance you don’t have an idea why your wife is angry with you. Most times; we females aren’t always the most forthright, which can take a toll on any relationship.

    Small arguments and partnerships appear to go hand in hand since that is how inescapable problems are resolved. When your wife gets upset with you, she usually just wants you to say the right words.

    If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that the proper words don’t always come when you need them. As a result, here is a post to assist you in figuring out what to say to your wife when she is upset with you.

    Familylifers shares with you 30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you, this is in 5 different parts.


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    1. Apologise for your actions:

    Making an angry woman feel heard and understood, followed by a heartfelt apology, is the best approach I know to calm her down. Recognize that if she’s hesitant to tell you what you did, it’s because she expects you to know. When she finally opens up, listen carefully so you can see things from her perspective, then say, “I’m sorry, you’re right.”

    30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you: Apologise for your actions
    30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you: Apologise for your actions


    2. “I don’t like getting you upset, but when you are, you’re just so hot.”:

    Being cheerful or humorous about it is one way to go. Women appreciate men who can make them grin even when they’re enraged. The complement amplifies the statement’s charm, making it more likely to succeed. If she doesn’t smile or soften a little when she hears it, chances are she’s upset about something significant.

    30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you: “I don't like getting you upset, but when you are, you're just so hot.”
    30 things to say to your wife when she is angry with you: “I don’t like getting you upset, but when you are, you’re just so hot.”


    3. “Return to me.”:

    When your wife is upset, one of the best things you can say is that you miss her, but say it with a hint of alpha. If your wife adores you because you’re a “tough guy,” she might not appreciate you bending on your knees, begging and crying for her when she gives you an attitude. So, without being condescending, use that voice you know she can’t resist and tell her to stop.


    4. “I dislike arguing with you; what can I do to put an end to it?”:

    After saying something like that, your disagreement can result in a really memorable make-up evening if you’re lucky. You can take the initiative and get her flowers or whatever she wants, along with a card with your message. Because you’re in a relationship with her, you’ll know what to get to improve matters.


    5. “I’m sorry if I offended you.” Is it okay if I come over and you spank me?”:

    When she sees a message like this, she’ll undoubtedly grin; every relationship should have witty lines or jokes that make the other person laugh. Women aren’t the only ones who can use fun to get out of a relationship bind. It’s much cuter when guys do it, so if you haven’t already, give it a shot.


    6. “Every minute you were mad at me was a minute you could have spent doing [her favourite thing].”:

    The goal is to utilize comedy to defuse the situation, so let your body language reflect that. If you’re texting, you can use emoticons to express your message so she doesn’t think you’re condemning her for being upset with her.


    7. “I’m not sure who said it originally, but ‘don’t let the sunset on your fury,’ but I completely agree. “Don’t you think so?”:

    If your wife is devout, bringing anything from the sacred books may be appreciated. To impress her even more, you could back it up with a passage from it. Nonetheless, non-religious people can benefit from this since, at the end of the day, the message is that you want her to forgive you.


    8. “I hope you’re as forgiving as you are beautiful for my sake.”

    Apologizing may not necessarily have to be in the standard format of “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” You should spice it up with a little humour now and then, and recall what I mentioned about compliments in a relationship before.

    Do this when you neglect to contact her, arrive late, or do something that irritates her. However, you may need more than your wits to get out of more serious relationship problems.

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    9. “Are you still grumpy?”:

    It’s a blunt inquiry, but it can sometimes be so hilariously clear that your partner can not help but smile. As though she’s still being passive-aggressive, despite the fact that the silent treatment is nearly palpable.

    The good news is that if she’s now at ease enough to talk about it, one line can be all she needs to open up. You’re in if you get a response like “I’m not sulking, I simply think…”

    "Are you still grumpy?"
    “Are you still grumpy?”


    10. “I understand you’re upset, so take as much time as you need, and I’ll be here when you’re ready.”:

    Maybe all she wants is for you to leave her alone, but only on her terms. That’s why it’s important to start by stating that you’re going because you realize your presence is now causing more harm than good.

    Instead, she might get the impression that you’re abandoning her because you don’t want to cope with the situation on the ground. Allow some time to pass by before you contact her again, perhaps to say good morning or good night, and she’ll be more receptive.


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