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    7 Stupid Things Men Do When They Fall In Love


    Whether it is love or lust, men end up doing things for women that many would consider stupid. In a desperate bid to impress ladies, some men start acting way out of their comfort zone and in the process, they make a complete mess of themselves.

    Let’s take a look at some of the things many consider stupid that men do in the name of love.

    1. Borrowing things to impress:

    Some men would borrow clothes, shoes even down to the boxers just to impress a lady. Some would borrow their friend’s car just to show a lady they have what it takes to take care of her. Why borrow to impress a lady?

    Your material possession would attract her but for how long would you keep pretending to be what you’re not. You are making her fall in love with someone that’s not you and when she eventually finds out, she will walk out of that relationship.

    2. Stalking a lady:

    Some guys need a trophy for this. It gets funny when a guy stalks a girl who is not even interested in him because, in his mind, he is in love with her. When did loving someone become by force? If she’s not interested, move on. After all, there are other girls. It’s just not sensible to be stalking a lady for whatsoever reason.

    3. Denying his family and friends:

    No matter your family background, you should be proud of your family. It just makes no sense to deny your family and friends because you want a lady who will dump you one day for another man, to love you.

    4. Wash her pants:

    This is just the height of it. What kind of love would make a man become his girlfriend’s pant washer when nothing is wrong with her and she is in perfect health?

    5. Cutting off all their friends and family:

    Some men will fight with anybody who tries to tell them the truth about their relationship. They cut off anybody opposed to their love relationship.

    Some would even go as far as beating their mother and siblings for getting involved in their relationship.

    6. Taking her out and eating nothing:

    Some guys would take a girl out, knowing they can’t afford food for two and allow the girl to place an order while they watch. Some would claim they are not hungry when in reality, they are starving.

    7. Borrow money to buy her things you can’t afford:

    It is only right you cut your coat according to your cloth. If you can’t afford it, let her know. How long are you going to keep borrowing to buy her things she probably doesn’t need.

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