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    There Is No Tomorrow, Only Now!

    There Is No Tomorrow, Only Now!


    General Attahiru prayed Jumaah in Abuja. Powerful, strong, highly influential, controller of enormous resources in men & finance, fit, hale & hearty. Less than 5 hours later, he was dead in Kaduna.

    His Chief of Staff reportedly called his wife who lives in Kaduna, that he was coming home. She was to only see him in a coffin instead.

    His ADC, Major Hayat is reported to have phoned his mother, that he will be breaking his sitta shawwal fast with food from her pot in Kaduna. He never made it home; never got to eat that mama’s food.

    Pilot Olufade got married barely two months ago. Probably still in honeymoon mode. The happy new wife had no way of knowing she’ll be a widow in 2 months. He didn’t plan to be dead so soon.

    The other pilot is reported to be preparing for his own wedding, introductions conducted already. He will never know the joy of getting married to his sweetheart.

    Are you still ‘planning’ to do good? Are you still ‘thinking’ whether to fulfill your promises or not? Or are you still harboring hate, envy, resentment towards family, friends and colleagues? Are you still ‘plotting & scheming’ for that position, that contract? Do you still think you need to trample on others in order to rise? Or to be harsh, rude, deceitful & cunning?

    You plan. And God plans. And He is the best of planners.

    All that happens, all that we see, preaches to us. May we fortunate enough to listen, learn & mend our ways.

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