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    THE UNION OF DECEIT (a true-life story)- Episode 1

    The story you are about to read is a true-life story of a Christian brother named Bro. John who got captivated by Grace’s (a fellow Christian sister) beauty and gifts and enter into a journey of no return. What is the meaning of A DECEITFUL UNION? What happened to John in the end? A meticulous reading of this article will answer these questions. Happy reading.


    Episode 1

    (The weekly prayer meeting is going on in a church Auditorium. Sister Grace is seen leading the praise worship session. She is a fair and beautiful sister who dresses moderately. She has a good and captivating voice).

    Sister Grace: ( Sings praises and worship songs) Thou art worthy O Lord!…., Do you know, why I love Jesus… (She changes to praises). This is the day the Lord has made… I will enter His gate…etc

    (As Sister Grace sings, Bro. John does not sing. He was watching Sister Grace with captivating love eyes. He smiles as he claps, nodding in admiration of the beauty of Sister Grace in his heart. After some minutes of praise and worship session, the Church pastor dances to the podium holding his Bible. Sister Grace gives the microphone to the Pastor with respect and goes to sit among the congregation. Bro. John trails her with his eyes until she gets to her seat.)


    Pastor: (He starts the prayers of thanksgiving as a prelude to the word session. Bro. John does not close his eyes, he continues to look towards Sister Grace until she gets to her seat. Pastor continues to pray and later brought the meeting to an end).

    (At Bro. John’s house. Bro. John discussing with his friend, Bro. Paul).

    Bro. Paul: So you were not concentrating on the message and prayer sessions handled by the pastor during the prayer meeting yesterday. I was watching you, your eyes were solely on Sister Grace May God have mercy on you o!

    Bro. John: Bro. Paul, you are in the spirit. That is the right prayer point for my present needs. That God should have mercy on me and allow Sister Grace to become mine. That Sister has a wonderful, beautiful and captivating voice. She is also beautiful. In fact, my spirit is already telling me that Sister Grace is my wife.

    Bro. Paul: (Surprised) Ha! Ha! Is it so easy? Are you serious at all? In fact, you are funny. My brother Christian Marriage is not handled the way you are handling it o. you don’t rush into it at all. It calls for thorough waiting on the Lord with prayers and fasting.

    Bro. John: (Smiles) you see, Bro. Paul, I have actually prayed on Sister Grace. I have been on the prayer for some months now. I only decided not tell anybody. God just gave me a confirmation that she is my wife. The Holy Spirit finally approved it at the prayer meeting yesterday. I only need to go and approach Sister Grace without further delay. Yes, it is time to tell her what the Holy Spirit told me that she is my wife.


    Bro. Paul: It’s okay. But please look well before you leap. Think deeply before embarking on this journey because Christian Marriage is A JOURNEY OF NO RETURN. Make sure it is God that is truly directing you so that you will not regret it. May God lead you aright in Jesus’ name.

    Bro. John: Amen. Thank you. You can also join me in prayer that Sister Grace will accept my proposal.

    Watch out for the next episode.


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