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    Ronkie babe

    THE UNION OF DECEIT (A True-Life Story)- Episode 8

    (At Pastor’s office)
    John: pastor, that is the fire burning in my bosom. She warned me not to tell anybody. She said if I dare tell any human being, I will die. Maybe I will die anytime from now, I don’t know. But pastor, help me. Please pray for me.

    Pastor: Hun-un! This is serious! If not that I heard this story from you, I wouldn’t have believed it. No wonder! No wonder you no longer attend church services regularly. It has been long since sister Grace attended singing practice. The choir master reported her absence to me a few weeks ago. Hun-un! You mean Sister Grace the sister with that wonderful voice and a fervent prayer warrior can be doing all these!

    John: Will I lie against my wife? Sir, sister Grace is a pretender. She is a deceit.
    Devil in the house and angel outside that is Grace for you. In fact, when I vowed to tell the whole world, she just seized my voice that I became dumb for a whole day. I was barking like a dog. I had to prostrate and beg her before she loosed me. She goes to her cult meeting every night and I must not talk if I don’t want trouble. Ha! There are other countless acts of Grace that cannot be mentioned now. I want you to even separate us. I need a divorce. I am tired of this marriage. I want to call it quit now. Please, assist in breaking this unholy marriage. I am tired of it.

    Pastor: I am surprised by what is happening in your family bro John. But, it has been written that those that God has joined together must not be separated by anybody. We have joined the two of you together in holy matrimony that was witnessed by heaven and earth.
    You only need to intensify prayers that God should touch her and make her turn over a new leaf.

    John: Ha! Pastor. This matter is beyond prayers. The home is hot on me. Please deliver me. Please separate us!

    Pastor: Hun-un! Okay! You can be separated if you can do something. Just one thing.

    John: What is that thing? Say it. There is nothing you want me to do that I will not do. Just say it and it will be done without delay.

    Pastor: if you can do all within your power to see everybody that witnessed your joining without anyone of them missing. The people (both young and old) must witness your separation ceremony, then we can conveniently separate the two of you.

    John: Pastor! You too know that, that is not possible! Some of the people that attended our wedding are dead already. Some of them are no longer in this country. What of those that were friends to our parents and relative whom we don’t know? How do we contact them? Pastor, let us be frank with ourselves, it is not possible.

    Pastor: That means it will be impossible to separate the two of you because anyone that witnessed the joining must also witness the separation.

    John: Pastor! Pastor! Help me. What should I do now? Don’t allow me to die like this. Please, don’t allow me to continue in this marital journey.

    Pastor: you must move forward in this journey because you were both joined together in a holy matrimony. Christian marriage does not give room for separation or divorce. You will continue to pray. You cannot divorce her. That is your own cross. Can you recollect that I asked you then, and you said it was the Holy Spirit that told you that Sister Grace is your wife.
    When I went further to persuade you to pray more, you said you have just concluded a seven-day marathon prayer on the mountain where the Holy Spirit gave you a confirmation that she is your wife. But, Bro John, before God and man, tell me the truth, was it the Holy Spirit that really led you to Sister Grace?

    John: En-hen! It was not the Holy Spirit. I was infatuated by her gift and beauty. Now, I am regretting my action.

    Pastor: You know I always tell you that you need to pray serious prayers as regards choice. You have forgotten the word of God that says “ Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain; but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” (Proverbs 31: 30). Well, you will continue to endure it. You have allowed sight deceit to destroy your marital life. The prayer band will be praying for you. There is no divorce in Christian marriage. Just continue to pray maybe God will touch her heart.

    John: Ha! I’m finished! I have allowed gift and beauty to deceived me into unholy marriage.
    (The end)

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