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    THE UNION OF DECEIT (A True-Life Story)- Episode 7



    (John enters the visitor’s room)

    John: Mummy, you are welcome. How is daddy? Hope everyone is doing fine?

    Johns mother: My husband! The one that throws wealth around in recognition of abundance. The son of the unbeatable lion. The one that abhors ideas in his heart at the expense of gold. We are all fine. Thank you.

    John: Mummy! You and this your praise names. We are called by Jesus’ praise name and not idolatry praise name again. I am not the son of a lion which is an ordinary animal but I am related with Jesus, who is the Lion of Judah.

    John’s mother: I am only reciting the praise names of your forefather. Well, just help me thank your wife. She has been very accommodating. She has been taking care of me lavishly since my arrival.
    See, thank your stars for marrying your mother as your wife.
    (Grace come in)

    Grace: Hope you enjoyed the food ma? (she faces John ) Dear, your own food is in the bedroom, let Mama eat her own food.

    John’s mother: Thank you my wife, I really enjoyed the food. In fact, I am already filled to the brim. It is my son that will use you to the last.
    You will bear all the children in your womb for my son.
    Anybody that attempts to separate you will be struck down by thunder.

    Grace: Amen!
    John: Mama, what has thunder got to do with this matter? A child of God never curses.

    John’s mother: I am not cursing. I am only praying. Well, I need to be on my way back to the village before the sunsets.
    I pray once again that no Jupiter will succeed in separating you by the power of my ancestors. Thank you

    (John’s mother rises to leave. Grace rushes to her and takes her bag and luggage in order to accompany her out. Johnn gives his mother transport fare,
    Thank you, my husband! May your purse never run dry in the name of my ancestors.

    Grace: (faces John) Dear, I want to accompany mama to the motor park. You can go ahead and take your leave). (She turns back and uses her hands and eyes to speak to John to go back to the kitchen if he does not want trouble)

    To be continued……



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    Mummya body embalmed and dried and wrapped for burial (as in ancient Egypt)More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)



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