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    Ronkie babe

    (John’s mother came on visitation to the family)

    Grace: (on her knee) You are welcome mama. How is Baba and people in the village? Hope they are all fine?

    John’s mother: (lifts Grace up) It’s okay. You are always on your knees. That is enough my wife. Stand up. Everybody is fine. In fact, Baba sends his greetings Hope there is no quarrels between you and your husband?

    Grace: God forbid! You know we are Christians. Christ is the head of our home. Peace is reigning because Jesus Christ is our foundation.]

    John’s mother: You this Christians have arrived again. Well! We thank God. Thanks for taking good care of my son. Where is your husband?

    Grace: He is resting in the bedroom. We went to a vigil. In fact, I woke up some minutes ago to enable me prepare breakfast. Let me quickly go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for you. I will soon be back.
    (Grace runs in. John’s mother watches her with joy. She speaks)

    John’s Mother: Hun! God, I thank you for a beautiful and godly wife that you have given to my son. She is so loving, accommodating, respectful and cheerful. In fact, she has an impeccable character.
    (Now in the kitchen, John is preparing food. Grace enters the kitchen)

    Grace: See Oko Iyawo, your mother is aroun o. She wants to see you. I lied to her that you are resting after a vigil. So be quick so that you can quickly shower for her not to suspect that you are the one in the kitchen. I will be the one to take the food to her so that she will think I am a loving wife. Or am I not a loving wife?

    (John does not answer her. Grace takes over the kitchen work)
    See, you are too slow for my liking,. Let me help you just because of your mother. I don’t want her to start suspecting anything negative. You go and shower.
    (John was about to leave the kitchen)
    Come, dear husband, don’t forget our agreement. Remember pastor has counselled us not to share our marriage secrets with any third parties. Our parents are also third parties. Keep our secret, secret. Do as I asked you to do for peace to reign in this house. You can go

    (John did not say anything as he walks out)

    What happened next? Did he open up to his mother?
    Don’t miss the next episode


    Read Episode 5


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