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    Ronkie babe

    THE UNION OF DECEIT (A True-Life Story)- Episode 5



    (At John and Grace’s house. John is seen prostrating for Grace to please return his voice)

    Grace: It is not a difficult matter, if you can promise not to tell anybody, I will loose you. I also know it is a shame for my husband to be barking like a dog. But I don’t want you to frustrate my plans. Will you keep our secret, secret?

    John : (He nods in affirmation and also prostrates for Grace)

    Grace: Okay, move near me.
    (John runs toward Grace. She touches his mouth and speaks) Let your voice be restored! O ya speak out!

    John: ( He speaks out) Ha! Thank you! Thank you. ( He jumps for joy and wants to run out of the room).

    Grace: Come here. Here me and hear me right. Now that your voice is restored, you must never tell anybody. Let our secret, be secret or else you are playing with premature death. Do you understand?

    John: ( Like an imbecile and reluctantly) Ye-es!

    Grace: That is good. Now, let us sleep. At least you need to show that you are the husband. So, the bride is waiting for the groom’s action. Let’s sleep! (John joins her on the bed but fear is written all over his face).

    John: (He does not know when he speaks out) Ha! I am finished!

    Grace: What did you just say?

    John: I did not say anything.

    Grace: You had better not talk. O ya! The jolly husband, come and sleep with your ‘Holy Spirit’ revealed wife. (She moves closer to him on the bed)

    The next day
    (An John and Grace’s bedroom. John is still sleeping. Grace who has already woke up comes in to wake John)

    Grace: Ha! Ah! Our daddy! You are still sleeping! O ya wake up and lead us in the family altar. ‘Sebi’ you are the head of the family.
    (John rises from bed and prays panicking)

    John: (He prays. Grace later speaks out)

    Grace: See, let your heart be at rest. I have decided not to kill you. I don’t want people to start suspecting me. I don’t want your family to think that I am a witch or am I a witch?

    John: (Reluctantly) No o! You are not a witch.

    Grace: But listen, I will henceforth be the husband while you will be the wife. I will be performing every duty of the husband except for the time of sexual intercourse. All duties of the wife shall be performed by you except for the time of pregnancy, labour and delivery which will be performed by me or you don’t want me to bear children for you? (John does not answer).

    You did not answer me! Well, that is your own cup of tea. Thank God we have been joined together in holy matrimony. And it has been written that those that God has joined together, let no man put asunder. There is no divorce in Christian marriage. Well, I will like to take beans and fried plantain for my breakfast. Therefore, arise and go to the kitchen for food preparation.
    (John stands reluctantly. He walks towards the door. Grace speaks)
    John, sorry, my husband, don’t forget our agreement. No communication with third parties. Keep our secret, secret. Okay?

    (John nods and walks out. Grace laughs and nods her head).

    Thanks for following.

    Watch out for the next episode


    Read Episode 4 


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