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    Ronkie babe

    THE UNION OF DECEIT (a true-life story)- Episode 3

    Four Months Later

    (Bro. John and Sister Grace has just been joined together as husband and wife. The wedding just ended and the couple is seen hand-in-hand in native uniform attire. They enter Bro. John’s apartment, smiling. Sister Grace sits on one of the cushion chairs. She is tired. Bro. John draws her to her feet)

    Bro. John: (Draws Grace to her feet) Beautiful bride, let us offer thanksgiving prayers to God before you retire into the chair.

    (Sister Grace stands up reluctantly as Bro. John starts to pray)

    God, we thank you for the success of this wedding. As we start this new family, God, start with us, build with us……

    (As John prays with zeal, Sister Grace opens her eyes looking at Bro. John with pity but she says ‘Amen’ aloud intermittently so that Bro. John will not notice her nonchalant attitude to prayers).

    Sister Grace: ( With her eyes opened) Amen!

    Bro. John: (Continues in prayer) Every power that may want to destroy this marriage shall be consumed by fire in Jesus’ name. (Sister Grace did not say ‘Amen’) Help us oh Lord. May we not be put to shame in Jesus’ name.

    Sister Grace: Amen

    Bro. John: We thank you because you will embark on this marital journey with us in Jesus’ name.

    Sis. Grace: Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! In Jesus’ name (Grace shouted a deceitful amen)

    A week after

    (At the house of Bro. John and Sis. Grace, Bro. John is seen soliloquizing)

    Bro. John: I am not comfortable with this strange voice I hear every night since we got wedded. When I wake up to see the person speaking, I always see nobody.

    (Sis. Grace comes in from an outing)

    Sis. Grace:  I am back dear! Why are you talking to yourself? Who are you discussing with?

    Bro. John: Welcome dear. I am ruminating over the strange voice I always hear every night. You said you have never heard it but it is real. I am seriously not comfortable with it.

    Sis. Grace: (Hisses unperturbed) Is that all? I am sure it is the spirit of fear in you that is making you to hear strange voices every night. I want to believe that you need deliverance. You had better open up to the pastor so that he can organize a deliverance session for you.

    Bro. John: Sister Grace, this is not the time for jokes. I am serious. I want to suggest that we wake up by midnight today to pray. I know we shall be victorious in Jesus’ name.

    Sis. Grace: (Reluctantly) Amen o. but you will excuse me this night. I am worn out. You can go ahead and take the prayers on our behalf. Thank God you are the head and priest of the family. Kindly stand in the gap for us. I want to sleep well tonight. God will answer our prayers. See you later.

    (Sis. Grace walks into the bedroom. Bro. John looks at her with surprise as she goes in. Bro. John was lost in thought. He later speaks out).

    Bro. John: Hun-un! Is this the wife I married? But Sister Grace was not like this before we married. She loved singing and praying. But she has relented lately. Hope she is not been influenced by her colleagues at work? May God take control o because I am afraid o. I don’t want to regret this marriage o. Well, I will take the prayers alone and I know victory will come in Jesus’ name. (Bro. John also enters the bedroom).

    Who or what is responsible for the strange voices? Did Bro. John later pray that night and what happened next?

    Watch out for Episode 4

    Read Episode 2

    Read Episode 1







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