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    The day I confessed to witchcraft by force

    The day I confessed to witchcraft by force
    At 15, I was squatting with my aunt and her children. So one day my aunt took me to church for family prayers. When we got there and after an hour of aggressive prayers and sweating, the pastor suddenly paused, claiming to have a revelation to profess. That’s how the pastor accused me of witchcraft, stating that I usually turned to different kinds of birds and flew at night.

    At first, I thought it was some prank, then when it seemed like he wasn’t joking about the whole thing, I was gripped with shock. I wondered to myself; How could I be a witch and still be unaware of it??

    That’s how another session of prayer started. The pastor became violent and assaulted me physically in all manners. He pressed my neck and continually blew air into my ears for me to confess to my witchcraft activities.

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    The day I confessed to witchcraft by force
    The day I confessed to witchcraft by force

    Before I knew what was going on, my aunt brought out a broom from God knows where and began to assault my skin with every whip, then the pastor asked all the members to join her with their own brooms to flog the hell out of me.

    The pastor encouraged my aunt to flog me harder for her to achieve her breakthrough, that’s how she upped her effort, it was a massacre. She flogged me like I was a physical representation of all her problems in life.

    Even her children joined in the flogging session, that’s when I couldn’t bear it anymore. I had to agree that I was indeed a witch for the flogging to end. I went as far as confessing that I was the source of all the family’s problems. I confessed to both things I had done to things I couldn’t dream of doing before these people ended my life with a broom.

    I even added some theatrics so as to make it more convincing, I made cat sounds and rolled on the floor like a snake so as to make them leave me as my back and legs were bleeding and in severe pains as of that time.

    That’s how they allowed me to be, immediately, I took to my heels. Went to the nearest bank to withdraw some cash from my savings and ran back to my mother’s house in the village before I was murdered for something I knew not of.

    The irony of the story was that 6 years later, the same so-called witch became a very rich girl, family meetings could not even hold without my attendance, that’s how much importance I held.

    My aunt even wants me to help sponsor her first son’s education in the University, so they want a witch to invest her money into their lives. God pass them!!!

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