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    5 Simple Measures To Take That Will Make Your Wife Submissive


    On several occasions, I’ve heard many men complain that their women are not submissive to them. It is always heartbreaking for a man to have a woman who is not submissive to him in a relationship.

    Submissiveness of a woman in a relationship has to do with respect, obedience and love which she accords to her man. And we all know that men do not like to contend their position as the head with a woman. But sometimes, these men are the cause of the problem.

    How can you make a woman be submissive to you in a relationship or marriage? It is a practical activity.  If you want your woman to obey you in your relationship, do these:

    1. Love and cherish her: love your woman and cherish her so much. Even the Bible demands that men should love their wives; women should be submissive to their husbands. For you to gain your woman’s submission, first, you have to love her.

    2. Respect her: in a relationship, if you respect a woman she will respect you more. And when she accords respect to you, she will definitely be submissive to you. Do not attempt to hurt her emotionally.

    3. Give her listening ears when she offers her opinion: women love men who listen to them. It makes them feel valued, honoured and connected to their men. A woman will respect and be submitted if you give her listening ears.

    4. Never maltreat her: do not unleash draconian measures on your woman for any reason: If you maltreat your woman, she will see you as a beast and that will not make her submissive to you, instead, it will unlock the beast in her. If you don’t want a fight with your woman don’t maltreat her at all.

    5. Protect her interest: women love men who protect their interest. It makes them feel secured and safe. When a woman acknowledges the fact that you are protective of her, she will definitely submit to you.

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