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    6 Proven Ways To Start A Relationship That Leads To Marriage


    Building a relationship will set both male and female on the path to a godly centred marriage. With the principle built around the laws of God. If you lead a life that honour God, you want God to partner in building deep connection as a couple. A God centred relationship is built on biblical principles and work towards marriage and godly children.

    In the article, we will discuss the 6 best-proven ways to go about it.

    You have to be compatible.

    You need to know the will of God through prayers and revelation to find out if you are compatible or not. Both of you will check for spiritual compatibility to know if you are headed in the same direction in God and are both sounds in bible doctrine and prayer life. Spiritual imbalance takes away the possibility of developing a healthy and godly relationship.

    Date with the intention of marriage.

    Dating is everywhere but you must have the intention that as you date you preparing to lead to the altar. Only date someone you see as a potential life-long partner. The intention of the relationship must be made straight to know where the final destination of the relationship is headed.

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    Set boundaries

    There have to be restrictions so that both parties can be disciplined. It can be hard to resist the temptation to be close to each other physically once you are attracted. By discipline and setting restrictions, you make the relationship stable. Try to avoid innocent-seeming activities that might tempt you to have impure thoughts, like sitting on each other’s laps or body contact.

    Embrace each other’s characters

    You are two imperfect individuals coming together, both will have weaknesses. Despite these characters, you need to understand and embrace each other. That is why the period of dating is getting to know each other better. Understand each other’s lifestyle and how to cope with each other well.

    Attend counselling

    Both of you need to attend counselling as you both aim to settle together as one. Attending a marriage counselling session with your partner would be very helpful. You get loads of advice that will guide you in your marital life. You will be taught how to manage issues in marriage.

    Spend time with other couples

    It will guide and strengthen your relationship. Try to find another couple or a group of peers who are about your same age, and spend time together on a regular basis. It helps you find mentors that will help you grow your budding relationships to a marriage state. Listening to the challenges and stories of other couples would inspire you to fight for your relationship. Support from these groups is usually helpful in the long run.

    Going with these six extraordinary insights, it can help and guide to a good relationship that will eventually lead to marriage.


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