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    Silent Treatment: 4 reasons why you should stop doing it to your partner

    Silent Treatment

    When you give the silent treatment to your partner, you choose to be mute and refuse to communicate your feeling when something is hurting you or when you are unhappy about something.

    It is a method of psychological punishment and manipulation in romantic relationships that many partners have at some point employed or experienced, whether or not they know it.

    But here is the thing that your partner blatantly ignores when trying to communicate with you: it is immature, thoughtless, cruel, and absolutely emotional.

    And this is why you should not treat your partner in this way.


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    1. It destroys the communication in your relationship

    There are no healthy relationships where problems are not discussed and you don’t need them.

    It’s better to tell them to give you some time rather than clamp up and deny your partner the opportunity to clear up situations.

    And don’t let it move on too long. Don’t let communication suffer such destructive hits in your relationship.


    1. It brings about resentment

    You indirectly say to your partner that communicating with them isn’t worth it if you keep on retracting when something happens in your relationship.

    And imagine that you have a relationship with someone whose approach is to sulk and refuse to say anything for days to come.

    This conduct leads to rancour. Undiscussed problems give way to growing resentment.


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    1. The intimacy in your relationship suffers

    Of course, a relationship where one partner is resentful and the other partner refuses to communicate will be intimately affected.


    1. It’s actually a form of emotional abuse

    The act has been classified severely as a way to abuse your partner emotionally.

    American Therapist, Dr Kurt Smith writes on this and says

    “If you need to remain quiet for management of your anger, then staying silent is being smart.

    “What separates the silent treatment from a good conflict management skill is the intent behind it and how long it lasts.

    When it’s used to hurt or punish, then it’s bad. When it goes past a few hours, which is long enough for all of us to cool down and get past any hurt feelings, then it can become abusive.”

    All in all, disputes in relationships cannot be avoided, but proper communication management and positive actions will contribute to building better and stronger ties.


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