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    Should Arteta Drop Partey And Go Full Attack?

    Should Arteta Drop Partey And Go Full Attack?
    Should Arteta Drop Partey And Go Full Attack?

    After watching the team last night, I’m left with even more questions. We don’t want to be witnessing two very different halves produce two very different sides!

    We started off strong and then faded after the goal, which is natural, but we were unable to pick up the pace, which was frightening to observe!

    I know we’ve had a goal drought this season, but with the talent we have, that shouldn’t be the case!

    A lot of our players are basically ordinary in my opinion!

    Thomas Partey did not perform well enough; he was slow, and despite his goal-bound shots that went just wide, I have been underwhelmed by him up to this point, and anytime he receives the ball beyond the box, I find myself thinking, “Please don’t shoot.” I can’t wait for one of those shots to hit the back of the net, but until that time comes, I implore him to stop. I understand his injury problems, but he slows down the midfield too much and hasn’t improved.

    Pepe is similar in that he seems to slow the game down a little too much at times, and then realizes his talent and shows bursts of speed at other moments.

    But, more importantly, where is the fast-paced, one-touch football that we enjoy watching?

    Teams cannot cope with fast play, yet Arsenal, although starting brightly on occasion, cannot maintain the same level of intensity, which is disheartening!

    So, I’m wondering if it’s time to try something new.

    Maybe Arteta should give up Partey and play with one fewer midfielder, allowing him to play a Lacazette upfront or a Martinelli on the wing, or something similar!

    Why do we feel the need to be so combative? Why can’t we go out and attack? After all, we need goals to win games, and then everyone can pitch in to help with defence.

    Last night, Aubameyang was frantically defending, and Laca kept the ball nicely in his hands. The squad must collaborate; even if that is not your function, you should be able to do everything once on the field.

    I’m not a chef, but I do cook occasionally, and I’m not a Formula One driver, but I can drive.

    So, even if you are not a defender, you must know how to defend, and even if you are not an attacker, you must know how to move forward.

    Why can’t Arteta utilize that to his advantage instead of going with either/or? A team is all about learning, building, and being versatile and having experience in many various roles, so why can’t he use it to his advantage instead of going with either/or?

    I’m confident he won’t be disappointed if he explores the potential of switching things up and having more adaptable individuals on the pitch, as long as he can maintain a balance from all of his players at all times.

    What makes you think it won’t work? If you don’t attempt it, you’ll never know.

    And if it doesn’t work, he can go back to the drawing board, but since things aren’t going as well as we’d hoped and we’re scraping by, maybe he should take a risk and try something new, because only then will we know what will work!


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      John Adeleke

      if he does that then the other teams would completely destroy them on the counter

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      if he tries that then his team would get relegated ASAP


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