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    *An elderly man went to a hospital for his routine medical check up. When his Blood Pressure was taken, it was 120/80.*

    The doctor on duty who was awestruck picked up the result and looked at it over and over again for about 10 minutes, and said, “Sir, this is unbelievable! You have an incredible BP. Does it mean you don’t go through any stress at all? What’s the secret?”

    The man smiled and said, “this has been your colleagues’ question overtime. I have always told them that it was a gift from God, which is correct in actual sense. But let me tell you what has been making that gift work.

    I can’t wait to know the secret, the doctor interjected.

    “When I was young, my father taught me that if I want to overcome negative S, I must embrace two positive S.

    The doctor who was eager to know those S interrupted him again. What are the negative and positive S, Sir?

    “The negative S includes: stress, sickness, sorrow, suffering, etc. My dad said, if I could manage stress, I won’t have much health challenge. I later discovered he was telling me the truth as I embraced his two positive S. The man paused.

    I hope no problem, Sir? The doctor asked.

    “No problem, doctor. I remembered my glorious dad of a blessed memory. He was a great man, doctor.

    “The positive S includes: Smile and Silence. Smile can solve problem and Silence can avoid problems. To achieve this, you must:

    “Select the right people to travel with you in your journey of life at all times and make your life sweeter.

    “On deity, choose the Almighty God. Thereafter, if you fail to achieve your dreams, change your ways, not your God. The trees change their leaves and not their roots.

    “Stop looking Sideways when you are emotionally distracted. You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.

    “Sayings of people should not work you up. Even when haters see you walking on water they will say it’s because you can’t swim. If you like, dance on the water, they will accuse you of raising dust.

    “Start to live a quiet life; mind your own business; and work with your own hands.

    “Social cleanliness rule is, never wrestle with a pig. Though, both of you will get dirty, but the pig enjoys it.

    “So, knowing all these, I always Smile and keep Silence. That’s the secret!”

    “WOW! In my entire life I have never met a man like you. I want to see more of you. Now I know that greater lessons are learnt outside the classroom, the doctor concluded.

    Stay Blessed.


    Do have a great journey in life full of peace, harmony & love.

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