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last updated by Sam P 1 year, 4 months ago
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    Gideon Dosu

    … uncle b, save me o. my light has become darkness. i dont know where to turn to now. last week, my aunty, my mother’s younger sister called me and said that two of the five children of our father are not his biological daughter. Uncle b the man I have known and called daddy all the days of my life is turning out not to be my father. I am 26 working in …… (edited out by me Bola) and I have a steady boyfriend whom we will do wedding this august, we are planning already. Ive not mentioned this matter to him. We are fine children, three girls two boys. I am the third born. The first two are outside the country, one in cameroon, one in south. I also heard from my aunty that our mother has confessed to her priest in Benin and our dad is aware of the issue but they are hiding it from us children because of the effects on us. Aunty now said they now need all of us to do a DNA test and that Emma is coming from cameroon in mid February. on January 15, after so much pressure, I went to the mentioned place on vi and met the woman whose name i was told to ask for. I did mine and days later, it was confirmed that I am not my fathers biological daughter. This matter has caused a serious damage to me. Now, i dont even know who i am again. all we children that we were so closed and call one another everyday have stopped calling ourselves because we just dont know where this will end. Now I don’t even know who to talk to. My brothers who call me every now and them have stopped calling me. My two sister, one in kaduna the other in port have stopped calling me. Yesterday, my aunt said my two sisters have come to Lagos since and done the DNA and one is not my fathers biological. Remaining my two brothers. I dont even know if I can henceforth call them my brothers because we dont know what will happen. Uncle bola, my life has turned to darkness since January when this news broke. I cannot talk to anybody in my church, not even my pastor before i hear my story on the pulpit. That is why I come to you to chat with you. I feel encourage to open up after I read the story of the judge on your page. Uncle b, I dont want to see that woman I call mum ever! I checked my blood pressure on my way to bus stop, it is 190/145 this Friday morning. I also send this message to your inbox on whatsApp on my way to office in case I drop dead in the bus. Uncle b, feel free to call me. This is the time I need you most as a daddy. uncle b, daddy has not called me since this matter started. same with the idiot i call mum. i am living at …… with my friend because of closeness to office. I have not also told my friend. i dont even know who to talk to now… this thing is killing me silently. the people i know all my life have suddenly become strangers! The daddy i have loved all my life too, daddy! has suddenly become a stranger!. I dont even know in what condition he is over this matter. I am just afraid to go and see him because he did not even call me…

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      Sam P

      It’s better you go and conduct that DNA test now before it’s too late.


      Someone said it’s expensive but look at it to take care of someone else pikin for years, which one will be more expensive and mentally draining. A Word is enough for the wise




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