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    Reno Omokri Reveals 6 Things You Can Do To Earn Money With Smartphone

    Reno Omokri

    Reno Omokri has provided another fantastic post with us today, this time outlining various things we may do with our Smartphones and internet connections instead of waiting for magical money. This is contained in a Facebook post he shares.

    According to Reno, below are things we can do to make money with our smartphones.

    1.YouTubing. You merely need to register a YouTube account, post fascinating videos, and share them on your other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to expand your audience or viewers. Your video will be monetized and you will begin earning after you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

    2.Affiliate marketing. When you refer someone to an online merchant, you can make money by generating traffic or sales, and you will be paid a commission for each person you suggest.

    3. Search engine optimization.  (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s ranking on Google. You can earn money by assisting someone in improving the ranking of their website. However, this necessitates a thorough understanding of SEO and its tools.

    4.Dropshipping. In a nutshell,  Dropshipping is a retailing approach in which you use the dropshipping model to sell a product that you don’t have in your store online, as illustrated in the photographs above.

    5.Gigs on Fiverr. At Fiverr, you can make money by establishing a Gig that allows you to show off your skills to potential customers while also offering thorough information about what you do.

    6.Amazon publishing. You can make money here by writing and selling ebooks on Amazon.

    He also warned us not to sit around and sneer, or later, appeal to God for “MIRACLE MONEY.” Adding that there is no better miracle money than having a business that we can run with our smartphone and the Internet.

    He also argued that possessing a technology that can access all of mankind’s wisdom is unwise. However, the only thing we can do with it is shared trivial information about ourselves on social media and argue with strangers.

    It’s not a good idea to blame the villagers for our difficulties. We should also “avoid carrying a smartphone in our palm like a fool who will not act smart”. He stated.

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