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    5 Major Reasons Most Relationships Don’t Last Long


    Everyone wants a lasting relationship, but only a few are lucky to have such. Many Relationships don’t survive the first six months, some even end in weeks! What’s the essence of going into a relationship that will end soon?

    Many people don’t even know how to maintain a relationship. Some after a few months start to get bored with their partner. If you are this type, it will affect when you get married. You can’t keep jumping from one marriage to another as you do in relationships. Here are five reasons most relationships do not last long.

    1. Who is the pillar of the relationship? Please make God the pillar of your relationship. I know many people don’t like this talk.

    However, a relationship without God is nothing! Tell God to guide your steps and decisions. If you are a Muslim,  a Christian or any religious group.

    2. Another reason most relationships don’t last is that people easily believe rumours about their partner. Let me tell you this, if you have a happy relationship, many people will envy you, especially people you trust. This is because you have achieved what they couldn’t achieve. Let’s say you have been in a relationship with your man for over two years while your friend already had three men that same year, she will envy you.

    Never believe rumours about your partner, find out the Truth! Never react based on rumours, some men start being harsh based on the rumour they heard. Always remember that a rumour can be either right or wrong.

    3. Many Ladies have nothing to offer in a relationship other than their body. If we are to take intimacy from relationships as of today, many ladies would have little or nothing to offer in relationships. Some ladies don’t know that it’s part of their responsibility to share their man’s burden.

    4. Many ladies now date simply because of money. If we are honest with ourselves, this current generation already lost the belief that there is unconditional and true love. Everyone dates because they see a benefit in doing so.

    The relationship today is something else, both parties take advantage of each other. The ladies are in it for the money, while the guys are in it for intimacy. If these two things are removed from Relationships, most guys and ladies will stop dating. How do you expect a relationship based on these things to survive?

    5. Many relationships do not last because of proper communication. Relationships as of today lack proper communication. As we all know, communication is a very important aspect of a relationship.

    As a couple, the two of you should communicate effectively and have nice conversations. However, many couples don’t even know what to discuss when they meet or have a phone conversation. This is because their interested.

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