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    5 Major Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast


    Do you eat breakfast regularly? Breakfast being the first meal of the day is the most important meal.
    One should not skip the morning food as it helps in breaking your overnight fast. If you forgo your breakfast you extend this fast which might impact your metabolism.

    Those who skip morning food tend to eat more portions of food in the next meal. Consuming a healthy breakfast restores the glucose levels in the body and lowers stress levels.

    Multiple studies have shown the importance of eating morning food, whether it’s to improve your energy levels or keep you from overeating later in the day.

    Consider these five reasons why you should never skip breakfast and why it is so vital:

    1. It improves metabolism
    When you wake up in the morning, your blood sugar level drops, so you need a nutrient-dense morning food that can provide you energy to get through the day and kick-start your metabolism.

    To boost your metabolism, try to eat at least within 2 hours of waking up.

    2.It boosts energy
    Starting your day with the right kinds of foods in the morning can help keep you feeling energised throughout the day.

    Foods rich in whole grains, protein, fibre, and good fats can help provide your body with energy that helps keep your body and brain energy levels sustained for the rest of the day.

    It improves focus
    Eating a morning food high in complex carbohydrates can help improve your alertness and focus for the rest of the day.

    This can be especially helpful if you’re one to fall into the afternoon slump, as complex carbohydrates keep you satiated and energised.

    It improves memory
    Eating breakfast daily can help improve your cognitive functions, including memory.

    Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast every day show better memory, increase concentration, improved test scores and fewer absences.

    It aids better mood
    Everyone knows that food makes people happy. Eating a well-rounded breakfast especially puts people in better moods. Studies have shown that eating food early in the day leads people to be calmer and more level-headed.

    Getting to work on an empty stomach will leave you fatigued and you might end up being grumpy all day.

    If you find yourself struggling with your mood throughout the day, consider making the small addition of morning food, the impact may just surprise you.

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