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    7 Types Of People You Must Avoid In Your Marriage


    Undoubtedly, if you want to enjoy a blissful marriage there are certain types of people you must do away with. Why? It is because they are highly toxic and your continuous relationship with such people will eventually spoil your union.

    In this article, We will share with you seven types of people you should avoid in your marriage.

    1. People who hate their wives

    Watch out for people who hate their spouses. Those people should not be your friends because you may likely end up doing the same to your wife. Once you notice that someone is fond of bad-mouthing his or her spouse, kindly avoid befriending the person. He or she will affect your marriage negatively.

    2. People who hate your wife

    What will make you relate to someone who hates your wife? I need not tell you this; anyone who hates your spouse should be avoided by all means. If you make them your friend, they will make you hate your spouse.

    3. People who hate the opposite sex

    Being a friend with someone who hates the opposite sex is dangerous because the person’s influence might rub off on you. If a woman’s best friend is a woman, who hates men and talks ill of the menfolk every day, her companion will hate men soon and it will affect her relationship badly.

    4. People who destroy their own marriage

    Of a truth, there are some people who inadvertently destroy their marriage without knowing. When you discover that some people bring up bad energies, habits and attitudes into their marriage without not ready to make amends, keep away from such fellows if not you will destroy yours.

    5. People who don’t agree with your beliefs on family life and marriage

    People coming from different cultures, tribes and backgrounds to discuss family life and marriage with you is a very bad idea. You can be colleagues, co-tenants, neighbours, but don’t discuss your marital life with them.  They might be those that believe in polygamy, divorce, feminism, wife-battery, wife-slavery, child abuse, gay marriage, separation etc.

    6. Your Ex-boyfriend and girlfriend

    It is not advisable to discuss your marital issues with your ex no matter what. That does not mean your ex should not be your friend. You need to disconnect as soon as you get married to build trust in your spouse and demonstrate absolute loyalty.

    7. People who commit adultery

    People who are not faithful to their spouses should not in any way be your friends. If you make adulterers your friend, there is a likelihood for them to lure you into committing adultery, or you may be tempted to be dishonest and break your marriage vow.

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    SOURCE: Pastor Bisi Adewale

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