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    Ronkie babe


    Want to Fall in Love With Your Partner Again? Science Says to Ask Them  These 36 Questions |

    Talking Relationship matters with guys is fun because you get to see how they feel.

    The truth is that so many guys feel that they are to be fought for hence they don’t get to take Relationship serious.

    But when you come accross someone deep in Love, you’ll feel it all around him.

    Peter wasn’t a new guy to me as he has paid for three of my classes, but on the business side.

    He has my direct contact and could always message me whenever he needed a guide regarding his You Tube Channel and other non- relationship matters.

    I was surprised when I saw the message, “coach, I want to discuss my relationship with you.”

    Ordinarily, I wouldn’t attend to such messages as fast, if it wasn’t coming from my paid students.

    But I did, I attended to him; partly because he wasn’t a stranger to me, and partly because he hasn’t talked of relationship with me since I knew him.

    I quickly replied him, ” okay, I’m all ears Peter, speak on”.

    He said:

    ” I was having difficulty in my business and some family issues, I decided to focus more on solving it, I stopped talking with Maureen my girl.

    At first, she was really calling and complaining that I changed but I didn’t reply her. I wanted to get done with my challenges before I return to her.

    I did what I did because of her kind of person. If I continued chatting her and allowing her come over as she was asking, I would end up more distracted, which I didn’t need while in that state.

    Later on, the frequency reduced. I didn’t notice it much because it was what I wanted…yes I needed the space.

    Sadly, she isn’t calling again right now. I suppose she’s getting along with another man.

    We’ve dated for a year and a month now. I’m really not happy about that. So she couldn’t give me a time to recover…not even a complete two months.

    I didn’t hate her, I wasn’t planning to leave her, I just bought myself an extra time to fix myself.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve done that because I don’t always like discussing my pains with her.

    We’ve gone a long way, it may not be easy for me to let go of her.

    Coach, what do you think I should do in this case to get her back?”

    I asked him, ” have you called her?”

    He replied, “yes, severally, she wasn’t picking and didn’t return the calls either.”

    I asked him again, ” did you tell her of your challenges and the reason why you needed the space?”

    He replied, ” no, I didn’t, because that was exactly what I didn’t want her to know about”.

    I told him:

    ” Peter, you were wrong to initiate such actions without telling her.

    She’s your partner, not every other lady out there, she deserves to know about your problems.

    Even if you didn’t plan to tell her the whole story, you should let her know that you’re passing through something that needed you to be alone.

    I believe she would’ve understood you better than what you did.

    In as much as you are truly in Love with her and wouldn’t leave her for anything, she may have perceived your attitude and action as rejection.

    Instead of calling her on phone, go to where she lives, ask her for forgiveness and tell her the whole story.

    I believe she’ll understand you and possibly forgive you.

    However, don’t conclude she’s getting along with another guy yet until you confirm that.

    Take care of yourself.”

    He replied, ” I’ll do just that Coach.”

    Two day later, he sent me a message:

    ” Coach, I visited Maureen but she couldn’t open her door for me. I stood there for good three hours, but she still didn’t open.

    I sent her a message, telling her the whole thing that happened, she read it, came out and told me that she’s heard me, that I should give her time to think about whether to forgive me or not.”

    I replied him, ” Okay Peter, give her time and keep on checking on her as supposed. You can pay her surprise visits with good gifts, women love gifts, it can speed up things for you. But don’t make that mistake again. Have an awesome day.”

    Permit me to end the story here.

    If you are a lady, don’t take your man for granted.

    Do you know why?

    There are other Ladies out there wishing they were you, hoping for you to break up with him so that they can have the chance of having him.

    If you’re a guy, don’t take your lady for granted.

    Do you know why?

    There are other men out there working hard to drag her to themselves.

    It’s foolish if you loose what you have out of carelessness.

    Discuss important things with your partner, don’t keep them in the dark, it’s not healthy for your Relationship.

    If you truly tell your partner about your pains, he or she may supply a useful solution that’ll help you out of the challenges.

    The same thing applies to marriage.

    Protect what you have, because if you lose it, you may risk all you have without getting it back.

    A word is enough for the wise.

    My desire is for you to have the very best Relationship experience, before and in marriage.

    Are you thankful?

    Have a wonderful night.

    Cyprain Cares!


    (I’m Nwako Cyprain Arinze, I help you Build and Sustain the Very Best Relationship and Business).

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