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    Now their teeth on edge

    By Yinka Odumakin


    THE late Pa Abraham Adesanya once told us how he boldly looked at Chief Obafemi Awolowo at an Action Group caucus and said: “It seems some of our ministers are seeing life more abundant as a motto for their children alone with the type of cars they are riding.” Awo was silent for a minute and those who didn’t know the Leader was a lover of the truth thought he was going to lambast Adesanya.

    But he invited him to come and take a seat next to him on the table to give him more of the important information which ordinarily would not have come to his attention. The political space Awo worked all his life would never lack men of valour.

    And the Yoruba nation must be eternally grateful to the likes of Dr. Amos Akingba who through persistence did not allow the controlling leadership of ACN to totally lead the Yoruba through the dark alley in 2014 by consistently asking what was their negotiating instruments with their Fulani husbands when the APC wedlock was being negotiated.

    Eventually they were handed over to one of their master dissemblers, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who tossed them up and down until he handed them a document that contained nothing. Hegemonic purpose After their complaints, another document was brought as a draft manifesto which contained the catchphrase: to restructure Nigeria into a true federation.

    The Oluwole document was ostensibly a Taqqiya meant to hoodwink the unwary as the owners of the game said they didn’t know the meaning of restructuring after they took power. Their real agenda was de-structuring Nigeria for their hegemonic purpose; but they played on with those who naively thought they could fortuitously complete Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure or succeed him. The first stanza was shattered immediately Buhari grabbed the ticket at the stadium in Lagos and he became a changed man.

    Chief Bisi Akande, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola went to Atiku Abubakar’s house in Lagos to complain to him. Asiwaju was reported to be toasting Atiku about his sacrifices for democracy when Chief Akande had to cut him short to say they were with him to get Buhari to fulfill his promise to Tinubu to make him VP as he promised before the primary but on which he had become non-committal.

    Atiku looked at Chief Akande again and asked him if he had forgotten he was the one who asked him not to do a Muslim-Muslim ticket when he gave him AC ticket in 2007, and if a Buhari and Tinubu ticket would be a different combination than that. Tinubu and Aregbesola looked at themselves as the meeting ended on that note. They never knew Buhari just left Atiku to ask for support and the only condition given was not to do a Muslim-Muslim…

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