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    Ronkie babe

    Nigerians react, as actress Francis Odigie call out her married lover

    Nigerians react, as actress Francis Odigie call out her married lover


    Actress Francis Odigie has asked Nigerians to help her out as her child’s father, a married man, has allegedly refused to have anything to do with their child.

    The actress claims her baby daddy is Dumez Edo, a.k.a Eruwaila 1 of Amsterdam. She claims she met him when when she was 32.

    She says he was sincere with her about being married but told her his wife is abroad and they wouldn’t cross parts.

    She says he made her believe he wanted to be in her life and even prevented her from being with other men.


    She alleges that he broke her sim card and would fight any man who said “hi” to her.


    She explains that as a result, she stuck with him.


    However, when she became pregnant for him, she claims he asked her to abort the child.


    She says she did the first time but he later returned to her, begging to be in her life and she fell for his “sweet mouth.”

    At age 35, she says she was pregnant again and he asked her to abort it. She says she refused and this made him angry. He accused her of trying to destroy his family and began threatening her, she claims.

    She adds thaf it got so bad that she reported him at the police station and they told him that what he’s asking her to do is illegal in Nigeria.

    She kept the child and gave birth to a baby girl but said since the child’s birth till now, Dumez has never set eyes on her.

    Francis says she’s ready to do a DNA test to prove her daughter belongs to Dumez Edo.

    She says she’s married now but chose to come out to speak, despite the shame, because she doesn’t want her daughter to have to be shamed when she’s an adult.

    Nigerians react, as actress Francis Odigie call out her married lover

    In a video shared to Instagram, she called on Nigerians, foreign organisations, pastors, Nollywood stars, and everyone else to join her in influencing Dumez Edo to claim his child.

    She says she knows she was wrong to date him despite knowing he’s married, but says she did that because “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.”

    She explains that she had dated a married guy who posed as a single guy and she only discovered “halfway into the relationship” that he was married.

    For this reason, she says she stuck with her married lover because he was open about his marital status and told her he wanted her in his life.

    “I’m guilty, I dated a married man, but he was the one who lured me into it,” she tells Nigerians in the video.

    Dumez Edo a.k.a Eruwaila 1 of Amsterdam, is married to Mrs Florence Dumez Edo, the Iyuwaila 1 of Amsterdam.

    Below is a video of Francis Odigie making the allegation that cannot be confirmed at the moment.


    Meanwhile, Nigerians have reacted to the story. Below are some of their reactions

    Sean John about 9 hours ago

    Madam listen to your stupidity, “he lured me into it”.. a man has no right over you only if you are leeching on him, and that has given him a sense of entitlement.. the only solution for you is to get a job, live within ur means don’t be greedy and take the man to court for child support… damn dumb bimbos everywhere


    Anonymous about 9 hours ago



    Anonymous about 9 hours ago

    If you were 35yrs when you gave birth, how old are you now ? And how old is your daughter cos you look like a 60yrs old because of bleaching. And am sure you aren’t 40 or 45 putting you between 50years making your daughter 15years or so.. if you’ve been taking care of her all this while, why come out publicly now? Do you want to break his home in the name of child support?


    Anonymous about 8 hours ago

    You are a pretty idiot, Nigerians should force him, did u consult Nigerians before you entered. If it went well Nigerians would have been fools for you. You would have told us to mind our business. Now it is soar you are inviting us to mind your business. Carry your cross of sin and causing another woman pains.


    Jade edo babe about 8 hours ago

    Madam, you carry legs, open legs unprotected so deal with your mata yourself. Naija women they do una, to be following married men. Oh I heard one woman say, rhey get more money and mature. Okay o, continue….


    Anonymous about 8 hours ago

    She alleges that he broke her sim card and would fight any man who said “hi” to her. She explains that as a result, she stuck with him. Lol! Madam, you stayed with the married man because you enjoyed the material benefits. He did not glue you to himself. You should have walked away, but chose to stay. Na long throat put you for your position. Enjoy!


    The END about 8 hours ago

    You knew he was married. Let’s put aside all the sweet nonsense he told you. You knew he was married. You wanted a child, you got it. Now take care of the child.


    Anonymous about 8 hours ago

    Women…start by accepting responsibility for ur actions and stop blaming men for goodness sake… y do this gender act so much like entitled kids


    Sammie about 8 hours ago

    If you father a child, the responsible thing to do is least take care of the child. Remember, the child is innocent and has nothing to do with the rubbish from the parents.


    Anonymous about 8 hours ago

    Lured you? Listen to yourself! Face your stupidity, you should have come to tell us while being lured, we would have stopped not only this, but the heart ache you are causing another woman. Get lost!


    Frank about 6 hours ago

    All these people cursing and abusing Let me as just 1 question….. Isn’t that child beautiful? I mean how could you know that you created someone and you abandon that person no matter the story??? Life is beautiful, don’t be so serious.


    Anonymous about 5 hours ago

    Please can someone explain to me how a man can lure a 35year old adult?


    Anonymous about 5 hours ago

    I’m so tired of women playing the victim in everything. No one lured you into anything, you’re an adult and made that decision for yourself.


    Yes about 9 hours ago

    Her father’s child ?


    Slide in about 7 hours ago

    Thats a normal married man scope, some of them are confusing, ladies need to be awake


    Anonymous about 9 hours ago

    You have nothing to worried about the man will come for the child when he realise what is doing is wrong



    Mrs Okonkwo about 9 hours ago

    Madam getat.. ? ? When you were driving the car and enjoying another woman’s prick did you invite us to join you.. Abeg carry ya cross joor.. Everybody has there’s too..

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