Nigerian Woman Reveals How She Handled Her Husband And His 4 Side Chics

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    Nigerian Woman Reveals How She Handled Her Husband And His 4 Side Chics


    On a radio station, a woman made an astonishing admission about how she dealt with her husband and his four side women.

    The woman, from Nnewi in Anambra state, said she married a Yoruba man when she was very young, and the couple now has two boys who are studying at a university in Canada.

    She claimed that her husband had always been kind to her and that she had everything she needed, but that the only problem was that he was promiscuous.

    She stated that she had warned him several times about it, but he refused to listen. Instead, he grew more cautious and began interacting with the women via email, knowing that his wife would be less likely to check his inbox.

    The woman, in her 30s, said that her husband, in his 40s, had been suffering from high blood pressure and later suffered a stroke.

    She gained access to his phone and saw all of his emails to the four sidechics he was keeping while he was in the hospital.

    She claimed that her husband was also quite generous to the women and that she had receipts to prove and that several women had messaged him, inquiring as to why they hadn’t heard from him.

    The wife hatched a plan to get all the women. She told the women that he was out of the country, and the women sent him items they wanted him to buy for them.

    The woman sent all their domestic staff on a break for a while then sent a message to one of her husband’s side chic, telling her that he’s back in the country. Pretending to be her husband, she told the sidechic to come visiting that the wife had gone to Canada to visit their kids in school.

    However, the sidechic arrived, carrying a bag she packed for the whole week. As the side chic entered their home, she used the central lock to secure it and had the remote in order to prevent the sidechic from leaving. The side chic was ordered to clean the house and also clean up after the man and changed the husband’s soiled diapers due to the smell. The woman finally let her out of the house after satisfactory work

    Over the next two weeks, she invited the other side chics one by one and treated them the same way. She claimed one of the women threatened to scream, but she asked the lady what she would tell people if her scream attracted them to the residence. She told the side chics that they had to suffer with her now because the man requires all-around care because they had enjoyed the man with her when things were okay.

    Two weeks after the incident, all of the women had decided to block her husband on their own. She claimed she then showed her husband the women’s CCTV footage. She explained that her husband, who is now better and has regained the use of his hands and legs, has become a changed man since then.

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      This one deep oooooo….

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      This one dn collect PHD OOO.

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      Bad woman

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      John Adeleke

      such a wise woman, instead of making noise, throwing tantrums or fighting. I fear dis kin woman

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      well, different strokes for different folks, she acted based on her understanding, others might not react the same way.



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      i love this woman, I’ve learnt from her experience and wisdom too…

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      Smart woman. Now, all the side chics left your husband one after the other.

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