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    Nigerian Man Narrates How He Resigned From CBN To Work As A Cleaner Abroad

    Nigerian Man

    A Nigerian man, Mojib Olasupo Baruwa has narrated he left the shores of the country to look for greener pastures. The young man who is based in Canada shared  his  experiences since he left Nigeria in 2020.

    According to Mojib, he resigned from his job with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and his friends thought he was out of his mind to have left such a good job. But his intention was to be with his wife and daughter.

    Sharing his experience on Linkedin, he revealed that he did a lot of menial jobs like cleaning a warehouse, drive a forklift, working outside in cold weather, offloading a vehicle off weights, and making deliveries just to eke a living.

    He wrote, “On the 16th of June, 2020, I landed in Canada as a permanent resident from Nigeria after resigning from my job at the esteemed Central Bank of Nigeria. Some of my colleagues and friends thought I was crazy leaving a job so grand and desirable. However, I thought differently and most importantly, I needed to be with my wife and daughter. Well, it hasn’t been easy but I have surely and truly loved the journey. So here’s a list of a few things I have learnt and done so far in Canada. I have learnt;

    -to clean a warehouse and how to plough snow

    -to drive a forklift, and learnt to strap and wrap skids

    -to work outside in the cold at -20degrees or even colder.

    about fire hydrants, water valves, N12 pipes, pipe restrainers, water main/PVC pipes and a variety of other products.

    -to do deliveries and how to strap cargo securely for deliveries, amongst many other things.

    While doing all of these I was also preparing for exams, job interviews and applying for jobs. Lool. I would be lying if I said I applied for less than 250 jobs, but I have always been an optimist anyway.

    To cut the long story short, I currently work for the Central Bank of Canada called Bank of Canada. How did this happen? I call my formula the 3Ps:

    Perseverance by persistently striving to be better, not settling for less, and keeping my eyes on the end goal despite the difficulties, numerous rejections and neglect from job applications.

    Patience by acknowledging that delay is not denial. Also knowing that with consistency, hard work and focus, the end result would come out favourable in the long run.

    Prayers by realizing that one needs spiritual assistance and a supernatural being to lean on and talk to when feeling down and need encouragement.

    -to repeatedly lift items weighing almost 165lbs (~75kg) and also learnt offloading and on-loading a flatbed/truck.

    “While working at the warehouse, I was so optimistic that I told myself I should take a picture of myself working so I could store it in my archives. Lol..(picture attached). In contrast, I would have loved to show a picture of myself at the Bank of Canada but it’s against work policy so let your imagination do justice.”

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