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    My Fiancé, Emeka Broke up With Me After I Have Spent So Much On Him, What Should I Do?


    I am in deep pain. I wouldn’t have thought this will happen to me.

    I am a young lady in my late thirties from Enugu State. After spending so many years at home doing nothing, I moved to Lagos last year. Then my friend Clara, who resides in Lagos, advised me to come over here since there several opportunities down here, which I did.

    As fate would have it, I landed a position as a customer care representative with a small corporation in Ikeja after only two months. I was overjoyed with the progress. Within a month of arriving in Lagos, some guys began making moves on me, which I respectfully rebuffed. I did that because a cursory look of these guys has shown that they were not serious, and they were all after one thing – sex, which I was not ready to give in.

    That didn’t deter them from coming but somehow, Emeka came into my life. Our relationship started on a friendly note until he decided to push his luck further. For me, I wanted to take my time to study him so that I will not make mistakes in choosing my life partner.

    Eventually, I choose him. My love for Emeka was so strong and I must say that I was unconditionally in love with him not knowing that he had someone else and then barely He had an accident two months into our relationship in which he shattered his skull, hand, and leg, which I was unaware of.

    When the information got to me, I decided to go and stay with him to take of him. I risked my work by staying away from work just to attend to him. When he out of the hospital, he deliberately picked up a fight with me, and point blankly told me he will not marry me. Before I could understand what was going on, he beat me up mercilessly and threw my things out of his house.

    After that incident, I tried all I could to plead with him, he will not pick my calls, or respond to several messages I sent to him. I was shocked when I woke up this morning to see his text message. In his message, he stated that he is planning to marry shortly. As I was reading the message, it was as if my eyes were blurred, and I had to clear my eye severally to look at it again.

    How can men be this so wicked? It’s so painful considering what I have done for him. Is this how to pay me back for all the good things I have done for him? When he was in the hospital, I assisted him with almost 150,000 for hospital bills. I might have used the money to care for myself or to give to my parents in the village.

    Emeka has caused me emotional distress, which is also impacting my health. Please I need your advice. What should I do?

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