Guys, Can You Marry A Woman That Is Older Than You?

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    Guys, Can You Marry A Woman That Is Older Than You?


    A good relationship is all about love. It’s about two people who understand that coming together as husband and wife is to build something that would last. Age is not in the equation until either of the partners begins to remind the other of seniority when submission is demanded

    In the Western world, the issue of a wide age gap between a woman and man is less important. For example, French President Emmanuel Macron was 39 when he got married to his wife Brigitte, who was 25 years older than him.

    .According to a marriage counsellor, age should not be a barrier in marriage. “The only place age becomes an issue is when the lady is not ready to be submissive to the authority of the man. If she makes the personality or ego of the man be threatened because she is older then there will be a crisis.

    For example, if the lady makes the man feel like a small boy whether directly or indirectly, the relationship cannot work. For marriage to work, every party has to throw away the alphabet called age and focus on the emotions and growth of his or her relationship. Age is only but a number.

    Given his own opinion about the subject, a man who has married a woman older than him has this to say “I am one of the few people affected by this issue. I can boldly say the experience is great because the lady did not misbehave neither did she frustrate me. Most times it is the women that feel disturbed or threatened about age in marriage”.

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    The fact remains that many a man won’t like to marry a woman that is older than he is. Read another man’s opinion on the topic below.

    “There’s no amount of love that will permit me to marry a woman that is 2-hours older than me. Women naturally grow older and weaker at a higher pace than men. Marrying someone older, as time goes on she might be mistaken for your mother. My future wife must be at least 10 years younger so that when I’ll be 90, she’ll be at most 70”.

    Taking these men’s opinions into consideration, as a guy can you marry a woman that is older than you? Let’s hear your thought on this by commenting below.

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