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    Marriage Proposal: 4 Reasons Why Your Man Won’t Propose

    Marriage Proposal

    It has always been a pleasant moment seeing a man on his knee with an engagement ring asking a woman he loves a hand in marriage. Such a memorable event to every woman marks an important day in their life, and it also, show deep commitment on the part of their men.

    However, it is not all relationships that end in marriage. As a woman, you may ask why won’t a guy propose?

    What is it about marriage that turns even the sanest and put-together women and men into crazed lunatics? It could be seeing all your friends popping the question, showing off the engagement rings, or saying “I do” on social media that drives us insane.

    There are many reasons why your boyfriend won’t propose marriage that have nothing to do with you or how he feels about you.

    1. Some guys won’t propose because they’re not ready for marriage yet.

    He isn’t stringing you along, he’s moving at his own pace and that’s good for both of you. Typically, women just plain feel ready for marriage more quickly than the average man.

    That doesn’t mean that men aren’t thinking about tying the knot. In fact, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to talk to a man in a relationship that doesn’t have very strong feelings about the right time and the wrong time to get engaged and married. I think a lot of that comes down to doing your best to understand his perspective.

    2. Some guys won’t propose because you’re not “the One.”

    Sorry, but it’s true. The worst thing in the world isn’t hearing a man say, “It’s not you, it’s me,” it’s hearing them say, “It’s not me, it’s you.”

    Marriage is a serious endeavour. It’s a lifelong, legal commitment. And if the two of you can’t even be bothered to do the hard work of studying and working through your own relationship problems, then you probably aren’t equipped for the long haul or for each other.

    3. Some guys won’t propose because they don’t believe in the idea or institution of marriage.

    For some men, marriage isn’t necessarily something that you have to do. If they were raised in a religious household or they are religious person themselves, sure, marriage might mean something to them, but there is also a very real likelihood that marriage to him just isn’t something that is as important as forming a loving, long-term commitment outside the bonds of marriage.

    4. He’s overwhelmed by your expectations.

    You expect too much of a proposal from him, or he isn’t mature enough to handle them. Either way, it isn’t your fault; It’s social media’s with their huge grand proposals. These expectations are what is blinding him from actually proposing to you.

    It’s a fear factor. He doesn’t want to disappoint you. He feels that there’s too much on his plate or there are too many moving parts to the proposal you expect from him, he doesn’t want to mess it up. Therefore if he doesn’t propose, he can’t.

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