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    Bisi Adewale

    The Bible says “…..for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light” (Luke 16:8)

    Side Chicks, mistresses are known to apply worldly wisdom to win and keep people’s husbands while wives are known to be careless about what happened to their marriages and their husbands.

    1. Pleasant words and flattery. They are known to be smooth talkers, full of flattery and adulation. They praise their men to high heaven. Since men love to be praised, they easily fall into the hands of these women.
    What you can do:
    – Appreciation, praise and motivation- Strange woman are not too good in appreciation because they believe they work for what they are getting from the man, your husband will always appreciate you, praise him and motivate him, never pull him down with your words but lift him up.
    What most wives are doing: They nag, abuse, complain, and criticize their husbands, thereby pushing their husband to these immoral women.
    2. Pseudo-Peace. They make their men be at peace, no complaints, no stress, no struggle, no malice. This makes men feel these other women are better in character than their wives.
    What wives are doing: They declare war on their husbands, they compete and fight right at home, they make the home to look like a battlefield making the man look like a refugee in his house.
    What you can do- Give your husband peace and rest at home. Don’t fight him, you can’t win him by fighting him, avoid quarrel instead dialogue why fighting the battle you cannot win?
    3. Good food. They invest time and efforts in preparing great meals for men. They understand that men generally love good food.
    What wives do: Wives cook only to fill his tummy, while strange women cook to touch the heart of the man. Some wives are careless if he enjoys the food or not, not making sure the food is delicious. They don’t care whether the food is alright or not. They have forgotten that the road to a man’s heart is through the kitchen door and the hands that feed a man owns the man. Many wives are bad cooks who have not improved beyond what they learnt from their mother. They prepare jollof rice in such that it will look like “popcorn”. That is why they are losing their husbands to women who can cook better.
    What to do: Learn better ways of cooking; improve every day, your food must be tasty, timely and balanced. You must be innovative, learn new recipes, and present his food as you would do to a king. Treat him like an august visitor at the dining table. Make him happy always.
    4. Alluring eyes. Strange women take good care of their faces so they would appear attractive, exciting and desirable. Their outlooks receive attention from men because they are beautiful.
    What wives are doing: Most wives are careless about their faces; they don’t desire to look beautiful. Most look older than their real age because of their carelessness and failure to give attention to their faces.
    What to do: Take good care of your face. Somebody once said that the face of a woman is the definition of her beauty. You must take good care of your face to keep your home.
    5. Beautiful Hair. Hardly can you see any of these women without good and attractive hairstyle on their head. They go for the best style that fits their outlook making them look more beautiful and exciting.
    What wives are doing: Majority “forget” to take good care of their hair or are too busy over the weekend to do something about it. I met a married woman recently who left her hair unattended to for more than two months. According to her, she was too busy to attend to her hair. Guess what? Her husband is already going out with his beautiful looking secretary.

    What to do: For the sake of your home and to keep your man away from wolves who call themselves women, take good care of your hair. Your hair is your crown, don’t neglect it. Apart from your face, your hair is one of the first things your husband will see and it defines how beautiful or ugly you will look. Go all out to give yourself a new look by giving good attention to your hair.
    6. Good dress sense. These women are known to have good dress sense. They are not only dressing to win men, they are dressing to keep and “kill”. They dress in such a way that will make men keep coming back to them.
    What wives are doing: A lot of wives are bad dressers; some will tie wrappers around their body throughout the day. Some wives are found in awkward colours; dirty underwears and nightwear. Some wives’ mode of dressing is a “turn off” for their husbands.
    What to do: Be a good dresser. Dress to make your husband happy, dress to make him your own. Your in-door wears should be as important as your outing wears. Dress neatly even if you are not going out. Ensure that your colours match when you are going on an outing. Your underwear should be clean, neat and new and you must also match the .colours of your bra and pants. Although outsiders may not see it, the most important person (your husband) should see it. Don’t be foolish; let him see the best in you when you undress. Also wear romantic underwears, not bra and pants that make you look like a wrestler. Even in pregnancy still look romantic and exciting.
    7. They are terrific in the bedroom. This is the climax of the whole thing. Strange women are extraordinary in the bedroom. They are creative, seductive, inviting and exciting. They are ready to do everything in the bedroom to make a man forget his residential address. They go the extra mile to give a five-star performance in the bedroom, giving the man the best sex of his life and putting the following into practice, they have any man for keeps
    – Involvement. They are involved in sex, from the beginning to the end
    – Communication. They communicate their needs, pleasure and enjoyment to the men as they have sex.
    – Dressing. They dress seductively to make the man call for more.
    – Styles. They employ different styles and creativity.
    – Frequency. They are ready at any time.
    – Sexual feedback. They call the man, send e-mails or text messages after lovemaking to praise him for a job well done.
    What wives do: If there are any place asides the kitchen, where wives are failing, it is the bedroom. Lots of wives are total failures in the bedroom. Most husbands complain that they are not sexually fulfilled. This is inevitable when most wives are never involved in foreplay.
    What to do: To be sincere with you, there is no way you can win the heart of your husband unless you warm his bed. Give him good sex; don’t be too spiritual to do this.

    © Bisi Adewale

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